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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 155 MB
  • Date Updated: July 26, 2018

Bridge Constructor Portal is a perfect combination of two games, Bridge Constructor of ClockStone and Portal of Valve. The game will take players to a world of science; you will become a scientist and build strange bridges to help people cross the complex terrain. You will be solving the most difficult quiz in this game; you will use your brain to solve these puzzles and become the smartest person.

bridge constructor portal 1

Build strange bridges

When you join this game, you will become a scientist named GLaDOS; you will work at the research institute Aperture Science. Your job is to make good bridges to help people get through the difficult terrain of nature with ease. The game offers players a lot of different options such as pressure, durability, materials … You can create a perfect bridge in this game and use them. You will have to create different bridges to meet the needs of the difficulty level.

bridge constructor portal 2

With higher levels of difficulty, players will have to make more durable bridges so that they will not be destroyed by obstacles that the game offers. In particular, the bridges in this game will suffer the same effects as in real life. You will have to think a lot to create a perfect bridge with the amount of money the game offers.

Bridge Constructor Portal – The Bridge Is A Lie

The most important thing in this game is creativity. You will have to use all your ideas to create the most effective bridge to ensure the safety of the users. If your bridge cannot meet the requirements of the game, then it will break, and you will fail. Accidents caused by your unstable bridge will be extremely catastrophic, and people using the bridge can die at any time. Therefore, each difficulty level of the game will be a difficult puzzle. Players will never feel bored when they do the construction of a new bridge.

bridge constructor portal 3

Simple graphics

Bridge Constructor Portal Mod Paid has a fairly simple 2D graphic design. However, players will feel very familiar when they have played Portal released by Valve. All the details shown on the screen of the device are very clear, and you can easily observe and create your bridge. The character voice and sound of the game are very vividly described so that players get the most realistic experience.

bridge constructor portal 4


Overall, Bridge Constructor Portal is a very interesting puzzle game. You will love this game from the first look; it will bring a lot of interesting and unique experience to you. Sustainable and efficient bridges are waiting for you to create. Experience this game right now to become a skilled engineer.