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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 80 MB
  • Date Updated: March 10, 2019

With many exciting role-playing games developed on today’s mobile platform, players will have a lot of different options to experience. In particular, NEOWIZ is one of many well-known manufacturers with high-quality products and receives a lot of positive reviews from users. Some products possessing their impressive downloads include Clash of Knights, TAPSONIC TOP or Jump Arena. Following the success of these products, they released a new role-playing game called Brown Dust. Currently, this exciting game is available on Googleplay and App Store.

brown dust 2

Competition of nations

Brown Dust for iOS will surprise you when successfully combining two addictive elements in mobile games that are immersive and strategic. With exciting war stories of 5 different kingdoms, you have the opportunity to explore many interesting lands and be involved in fighting many dangerous enemies. With intense battles ahead, you will have the opportunity to create a powerful army and conquer many different lands.

brown dust 4

The era of war

With two elements of immersive and strategic, you will discover a fascinating story system. In this fierce war era, you have to create your army to fight. You will become the leader of a powerful army with many different soldiers. To create a strong army, you need to collect many types of soldiers. Note, each type of soldier will have their fighting abilities. Therefore, you need to select and collect soldiers that match your strategy. More than 300 different types of soldiers have been prepared, discovering the power of different types of soldiers and making the smartest choices.

brown dust 3

Battles will take place as turn-based. You will touch the soldiers that appear on the screen of the device to arrange battle formation. When the battle takes place, the soldiers will automatically fight, and you do not need to perform many manipulations. To help soldiers fight better, players need to upgrade troops regularly. These upgrades will help improve the necessary stats when fighting like defence or attack.

Brown Dust – Master Your Tactics!

Many game modes

The manufacturer also prepares a variety of game modes for people to explore. Each regime is prepared with its challenges and tasks to experience. First, you can experience the basic challenge in Story mode. If you love diverse and continuous battles, Campain mode will make you satisfied.

If you need quests with good rewards to upgrade your army, modes such as Sealed crystal cave, Temple of Rune and Demon’s Castle are the most reasonable option. These three modes will help you collect lots of bonuses or items needed to unlock and upgrade soldiers.

brown dust 4

Besides PVE battle modes, players also have the opportunity to participate in PVP battles in Arena and Guild War. These two modes will bring you to intense battles between many players in the world. You get the chance to compete with many other people and improve your army’s combat ability.


Brown Dust with a beautiful image system and a harmonious combination with gameplay will make your experience continuously. Many exciting battles with strategic elements help you get more interesting experiences. Feel free to build your fighting style teams along with many exciting game modes. With the above highlights, the game will create a lot of exciting emotions for everyone when experiencing.