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  • Date Updated: October 21, 2018

There are many different tactics games on the mobile game market today. Each game has its fun and is released by many different manufacturers. Today, there is a very interesting and popular strategy game called Bubble Wars. This is one of the most popular tactical games currently being released by Gorilla Games producer. This is the most popular online strategy game that you should not miss.

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Strategy games

Bubble Wars for iOS is a very impressive tactical game. Join the game; you will experience the fierce battle and develop the ability to think for themselves. The game has many different levels of play, and a lot of interesting things are waiting for you to experience.

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The gameplay is very easy to understand. Join the game; you will be given a base. You have the mission of protecting your base and destroying the enemy base. To defend the base, you must summon troops to attack the enemy. At the initial levels of the game, you will easily defend the base and destroy the enemy. But at higher difficulty levels, the enemy base will be better protected. Therefore, to kill the enemy, you need to calculate carefully in the summoning army to attack the enemy and defend the base properly.

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Upgrade and fight

The manufacturer has prepared for different levels of gameplay for you to experience. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually through each level. To fight the enemy, you will have to summon the army. Your army will be upgraded and expanded after each level. After completing each level, the game asks you to unlock new characters. Also, to improve the strength of the army, you need to regularly upgrade your army. In particular, you can also upgrade your base with various defensive weapons to improve survivability in each battle.

Bubble Wars for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Each battle in the game will take place in different locations. Join the fierce battle, and you will have the opportunity to discover new and beautiful places. In particular, at some level of the game, the game summons a BOSS after you successfully destroy the enemy base. You need to destroy BOSS and do not let it destroy your base. Each level in the game automatically adds BOSS at the end of the game. You will not know which level will have BOSS and which level does not have BOSS. Therefore, you need to make reasonable calculations in summoning troops at each level. Successful summoning of troops will help defeat the enemy base successfully and BOSS.

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Bubble Wars APK Mod is a beautiful 3D design. The picture quality of the game is very good. The details and movements of the character in the game are very smooth and sophisticated. The visuals of the game are very nice and impressive. The layout of the game is well-designed by the manufacturer. The visual effects in combat of the game are sophisticated and beautifully designed.

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Experience Bubble Wars you will discover new locations and take on the most intense battles. Playing games further enhance your thinking and judgment. This is a great online strategy game that you do not miss. Games are now available on Google Play and App Store.