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The bus is a popular public transport around the world. The bus is used every day to bring convenience to people. Do you often use this public transport? What do you think if you become a bus driver yourself? If you want to explore the work of a bus driver and enjoy beautiful views from the driver’s location, explore Bus Simulator: Ultimate. This fascinating simulation game is produced and released by Zuuks Games; they are one of the famous manufacturers of the current simulation genre.

bus simulator ultimate 2

Entertain and practice honest driving

Join the Bus Simulator: Ultimate APK Mod, you have the opportunity to become a real bus driver and own a company of your own. Besides, you will be able to use many different vehicles and be able to move to many beautiful locations. Also, you are free to move and explore many different countries in Europe. The missions of the game will take place in Europe, and you must transport passengers through many different countries to complete the mission.

Bus Simulator : Ultimate for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Before starting the challenge, you are involved in the process of establishing your own shipping company. You start by choosing a name and a logo for your company. After successfully establishing the company, you will have to perform many different tasks to receive bonuses and upgrade your company. Upgrading the company will help you unlock many new buses and allow you to travel to many different countries in Europe. More than ten different cities in Europe are waiting for you to discover. Create a powerful shipping company and become a smart driver.

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Control and viewing angle

With simulation elements, the game is prepared three different control systems for everyone to use. Each control system will have its unique points for you to explore. Depending on your needs and preferences, choose the control system that best suits you, and conquers the challenges ahead. The three control systems you are allowed to use include: Buttons, Gyro, and Steering Wheel.

bus simulator ultimate 4

In addition to an attractive control system, the manufacturer also offers two different views in the process of driving far away. Two prepared views include the first view from inside the car and the third view from outside the car. With the first view, you will discover the view from the driver’s seat, and you must pay attention to observe the rearview mirrors when participating in traffic. As for the third view, you are allowed to enjoy a large viewing angle and allow you to easily observe the movements around your vehicle.

bus simulator ultimate 1

Roadmap and new cars

In Bus Simulator: Ultimate, you have the task of moving and transporting passengers according to different routes. Each route will offer separate locations for you to move. In the process of moving, you will have to pick up and drop off guests in different areas. Besides, the manufacturer prepares a voice navigation system to help you move with the right route. Completing the assigned routes will help get more bonuses and experience points. In particular, experience points will help raise the level of your company. And bonuses will help you upgrade existing or new buses.

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