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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: March 21, 2019

Do you want to experience the life of a king? Discover the daily work and activities of a king inside vast castles? Discover Call Me Emperor, a fascinating role-playing experience when you become the head of a kingdom. With exciting role-playing experiences, you have the opportunity to discover the lavish life of a king. Besides, you are also free to choose and use many beautiful costumes. Currently, the game is available on Googleplay and is officially released by Clicktouch Co., Ltd.

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Your reign

In Call Me Emperor for iOS, players will discover the unique culture of China, a country with a large territory in Asia. You have the opportunity to become a king of China; you have the task of managing the country and ensuring your kingdom grows strongly. Besides the task of developing the country, you also enjoy the luxurious life of a king with beautiful people at his side. The clothes you use every day are high-quality products with many beautiful details. Experience it now to discover the unique cultures of the East and create a powerful dynasty of your own.

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With the responsibility of a king, you will have to help your kingdom grow continuously and defeat the enemies who dare to invade your kingdom. For the kingdom to grow well, players need a smart economic development strategy. A strong kingdom is a kingdom that possesses a large economy and develops. Economic development is good; your kingdom will accumulate a lot of resources and wealth.

Besides maintaining a stable development economy, you must also build and train troops to be ready for war. When your country grows well, the enemy will be jealous and want to rob your territory and resources. Therefore, to protect the kingdom, you need to possess a powerful military force to be ready to defeat all invading enemies.

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In a feudal regime of the East, to secure the king’s power and the loyalties of the lords, the king had to make political marriages. Therefore, you must marry the daughters of the lords so that they can remain loyal to you. In addition to the task of marrying the lord’s daughter, you can comfortably marry any girl you like. In addition to running the country, you can also disguise to visit your kingdom. At that time, you will meet a series of new characters. Especially beautiful girls, you can marry them at any time.


Call Me Emperor APK Mod has a sharp 3D graphics with vividly designed characters. The characters in the game are always built with a beautiful image system with many unique costumes. Also, when you experience the game, you also discover many traditional costumes in Chinese history.

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Large map system with many different lands will help you comfortably conquer and compete with many other players. There are many lands with different landscapes waiting for you to discover. Besides, the battles in the game are carefully built with many realistic details such as soldiers, barracks or fire scenes.

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You should experience this game

If you love fascinating strategic challenges or want to explore the unique Chinese culture, Call Me Emperor is the most logical choice to experience. Also, you also have the opportunity to compete with many players around the world to find the smartest king. Download and enjoy many fascinating images to create your kingdom.