Have you ever imagined a dreaded future when dinosaurs lived together with humans? They can take the lives of humans at any time because it is a scary animal. Call of Mini™ Dino Hunter released by Triniti Interactive Studios will be a game that will realize your ideas. The game will take players to an imaginary world, where there are still dangerous dinosaurs. They reproduce very fast and threaten human civilization. Did you feel hot? We will start learning about this game now!

call of mini™ dino hunter 2

Destroy dangerous dinosaurs

When participating in this game, the player becomes a hunter. You will use different weapons to destroy this dangerous animal and protect others. The game will give a lot of quests to the player; they will have to overcome many different lands to kill all the dinosaurs.

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Each level of difficulty in the game will feature a variety of different dinosaurs, each with a distinct strength. Players will have to research these dinosaurs so that their hunts get the best effect. Large dinosaurs will be very difficult to destroy, they possess solid armour and have tremendous power. Players will have to use special terrain types to kill them more easily. Also, the game will also have Bosses; they have tremendous power and extremely flexible mobility. Players will encounter many difficulties when killing these dinosaurs. Do not worry, if you are a good hunter you will not be afraid of any big prey.


New weapons and costumes

You can use the bonus you receive after completing the level of difficulty to purchase new clothes and weapons for your character. The game has a variety of weapon systems, and players can own 21 different weapons in the game to kill the dinosaurs most effectively. Also, new outfits will give the player a more enjoyable experience. You can use special outfits to camouflage and fool stupid dinosaurs.

Call of Mini™ Dino Hunter for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Beautiful graphics

Call of Mini™ Dino Hunter Mod Coins is built on 3D graphics platform. The graphics system of the game is designed in the style of Lego very familiar. All the different details in the game are displayed on the screen of the device. Thus, the player can recognize and destroy the dinosaurs as quickly as possible. The sound of the dinosaurs and the sound of the weapons are also described very lively.

call of mini™ dino hunter 1


Call of Mini™ Dino Hunter Mod Money will help you realize your ideas. You will see the appearance of dinosaurs in the fantasy world and destroy them. The game promises to bring a new and unique experience for players. Can you become a good hunter and rescue the world?

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