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  • Date Updated: August 21, 2019

People are familiar with puzzle video game category; when referring to these games, many people are sure to know Bejeweled. This is a popular PC game that many people are interested in. And when mobile is popular in the world, the experience of puzzle video game on mobile is very simple. A puzzle video game that made a hit in 2012 is Candy Crush Saga. The game was released by King manufacturer and had 500 million downloads from Facebook, Google Play and App Store. Continuing from the success of Candy Crush Saga, King producer has released a new product in 2018 as Candy Crush Friends Saga. This is the latest version of Candy Crush Saga with many impressive upgrades.

candy crush friends saga 2

Impressive upgrade

Compared with the previous version, Candy Crush Saga has been upgraded with many changes. New game modes, beautiful graphics with more colors than the old version. In particular, the game will add character to support and help players quickly complete the task at each level.

candy crush friends saga 3


When you join the game, you will have to complete the assigned tasks at each level. To complete the task, you only need to touch the mobile screen with your hands to arrange the right position for each candy. Whenever three or more candies of the same type are placed horizontally or vertically together, you will receive a reward. Note, you need to arrange reasonable candy to complete the required quest. At higher difficulty levels, you will be limited to move. You need to complete the tasks required by the game, and not to exceed the move limit that the game offers. If you exceed the limit of move that the game offers then you will lose. So, make a reasonable calculation not to exceed the move limit that the game recommends.

Candy Crush Friends Saga – A rewarding match 3 puzzle!

Fight with everyone

Candy Crush Friends Saga for iOS will regularly update the bonus to everyone’s achievement. Attention, at each level in addition to completing the game quest, requires that you also need to accumulate a full three stars. Each star will symbolize your reward. A star is a good reward. Two stars are quite rewarding. And three stars are excellent points. You have to accumulate many stars to win the highest position in the game’s rankings. And challenge people to surpass the record you created.

candy crush friends saga 4

Beautiful graphics

The game has beautiful 3D graphics and high-quality images to create excitement for the player. Details of each candy in the game are meticulously designed. The layout of each detail is streamlined, allowing the player to feel comfortable playing the game.

candy crush friends saga 5


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