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  • Platforms: Android 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 86 MB
  • Date Updated: December 7, 2018

King producer has released the latest version of Candy Crush, and this version is called Candy Crush Tales. This new version has made some significant changes to make the game more attractive than its predecessors. The gameplay is essentially the same as the old version, but it has also been upgraded with more varied and complex challenges for everyone to cross.

candy crush tales 1

New version

In this version, the game has a new storyline for people to explore and experience. In the candy kingdom, a bad guy appears, and everyone calls him Evil Pretzella. Pretzella has a dangerous plot to control the kingdom of candy and wants to make the candy kingdom into a land of no fun and color. All the colors in the candy kingdom will disappear, everything will become overcast. Everyone’s mission in this game is to help Tiffi ​​and her friends bring a happy life back to the world. Save the world in the candy kingdom and reveal the story revolves around the contents of this new version. Also, this version has been designed by the manufacturer more new characters for people to learn and experience the game happily.

candy crush tales 2


When entering the game, people will have to overcome the challenges in the game to find clues about the evil plan of Evil Pretzella. Each challenge in the game will be equivalent to one level, and the game is designed with many levels of simplicity and complexity for everyone to experience. Complete each level in the game, and you will accrue bonuses and quickly stop the plan of Evil Pretzella. You will experience the game according to the plot of the game, besides completing the task of the game you will be encountering many unique characters in the game. Look for interesting characters like Yeti, Toffee, Bubblegum Troll and many other characters in the candy kingdom. Completing many levels in the game and exploring these characters will make the game experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Candy Crush Tales for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Match-3 games are familiar to everyone, and with easy-to-understand content, you will quickly get acquainted with the game. You just touch the screen of the device to arrange the candies of the same color and shape to complete the game. Depending on the level in the game you are experiencing, you will receive various requests to complete the game. Each level in the game is an obstacle that people need to overcome when participating in the game. Arrange the candies appropriately to quickly accumulate bonus points and complete the level. When you have completed many levels and discovered a lot of impressive content in the game, the tasks and requirements in the game will be more complex. A series of exciting and engaging puzzles are waiting for you in this popular entertainment game.

candy crush tales 3

Final evaluation

As the latest version of Candy Crush series, Candy Crush Tales for iOS will have more highlights including beautiful image quality and attractive lighting effects. The game is designed with a completely new interface to help players pay more attention to the game, some details of the game remain the same compared to the old version. Image and sound in the game have been carefully prepared by the manufacturer to bring a lot of fun feelings for everyone. This is a fun puzzle game, and it is suitable for all ages.