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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 169 MB
  • Date Updated: March 4, 2019

Do you want to own a car for yourself and comfortably upgrade and edit the car in different styles? Participate in many exciting races to explore the capabilities of each car’s impressive speed? Experience Car Simulator 2 with fascinating simulation challenges to create your car. A series of authentic challenges with lots of interesting tasks waiting for you to experience join the game right now to own the most impressive cars. The game is now available on Googleplay and has been updated to the latest version by Oppana Games on March 1, 2019.

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The world of racing cars

Car Simulator 2 for iOS brings people a unique simulation world with lots of vivid visual details. You will be involved in fascinating missions such as racing, upgrading or manufacturing an entirely new car. These challenges will bring you exciting experiences and help you gain more knowledge about cars. In particular, the game also offers the most interesting online experience, so you have the opportunity to connect with people and share many interesting stories about cars.

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Become a good racer and create unique cars

Players will become a professional racing driver and are allowed to collect a variety of different cars. You must participate in many different tasks to collect the necessary accessories and upgrade your car. Each mission will take you to many cities, and you must defeat many enemies in each race to win.

Car Simulator 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The control system of the game is very diverse when you can control the character moving to many different locations or using different types of items when participating in the mission. Besides, when experiencing racing duty with fierce competition from many other players. You are allowed to experience an authentic car control system with virtual keys to accelerate or brake to reduce speed. Looking at them, the game’s controls are visually designed and bring more authentic experiences to you.

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With the purpose of helping you gain more knowledge about cars. You have the opportunity to participate in editing and upgrading cars according to your preferences. Replace slow engines with more powerful engines to give your car an impressive speed. Upgrade new accessories for cars such as dampers or headlights. Many unique accessories are waiting for you to collect to comfortably edit and create a new car.

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Beautiful graphics

Car Simulator 2 APK Mod possesses a vivid image quality and beautiful 3D graphics. The first-person perspective helps the game’s tasks and experiences more enjoyable. In particular, you have the opportunity to experience two views of the 3rd view or 1st perspective. Players are also allowed to observe the interior of each car with a 360-degree view to help create the most authentic image.

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The lively challenges in Car Simulator 2 will make you love this game. With many attractive images and addictive gameplay. Many quests and a variety of racing cars and many nice accessories will surprise you.