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  • Date Updated: September 5, 2019

Card games have complex content and require players to get smart calculations that always get a lot of attention from people. Card games of the above genre are currently very popular on different platforms (PC, Mobile, …). In particular, on the mobile platform, there is an interesting card game that is receiving positive reviews from everyone. Called Card Thief, this unique strategy game will bring you many impressive missions to overcome. You will become an ingenious thief in the middle ages, and your mission is to steal the precious treasures at the castle of the warlords or the king.

Card Thief 2

Smart thievery

With tactical elements, Card Thief for iOS¬†will require players to participate in many different complex tasks. To successfully steal the precious treasures at the king’s castle, the player will have to have many clever calculations. Without proper calculations, you can be captured and killed by the guards at any time. Therefore, you need calm and careful logical thinking to be able to overcome many crazy but fun missions of the game.

Card Thief 3

The smart calculation is the key to win

Before participating in the main tasks, you will be involved in a basic tutorial system to get acquainted of the game. The control operations are very easy to understand; you need to touch and hold your hand on the screen to create reasonable directions for your character. After completing the basic instructions, the game will give you many different tasks to perform.

Card Thief – A solitaire style stealth game

The treasures are always hidden in large castles and have many guards. Therefore, you must persevere and observe the cards provided on the screen to get the correct movement direction. Besides passing the unpredictable guards, you also must extinguish the torch in the corridor so that soldiers can not detect you. Note, each card will be designed with a unique score. And your character card is also given a certain number of points at the beginning of the mission. Moving through each card will cause you to be deducted points (you will be deducted the corresponding number of points that card is having). Therefore you must calculate carefully to complete the mission and successfully escape to ensure your score is not reduced to negative.

Card Thief 1

Completing each mission will help you get an attractive amount of money. And the bonus amount will increase with each level. Besides, the difficulty and obstacles that appear during the mission will also increase. To help players overcome some complex challenges, Card Thief is prepared with 12 different types of support equipment for you to use. You can use up to three different types of assistive devices in each match. Each support tool will have a unique feature. If you have a smart strategy and use the support tools wisely, you can quickly overcome complex tasks and create many outstanding achievements of your own.