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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 227 MB
  • Date Updated: March 4, 2019

You have experienced exciting Battle Royale games such as Rules of Survival or Survivor Royale; you will certainly be familiar with the publisher of these games. NetEase Games, a famous game maker on mobile devices. They are an impressive producer with many famous products and millions of downloads. Their products are always well invested from content to images, helping to bring a lot of addictive experiences to everyone. And their latest Battle Royale game is Cardboard Clash which promises to bring many interesting experiences to everyone.

cardboard clash 1

Familiar combat

Compared to the previously released games of the same genre, Cardboard Clash for iOS brings more fun experiences with cardboard box style image system. With beautiful design style above, the game experience will become softer and not too dependent on fierce fighting images. The battles are more fun and bring more relaxing time for players.

cardboard clash 2

You still have to fight in a large space and the fighting space will be narrowed after a while. Each battle will have a different number of players, and you have the opportunity to discover many interesting weapons. For the purpose of creating more fun when experiencing, all image details are carefully prepared. Each character’s movements are lovely and smooth. True colors beside a beautiful city with many different buildings create a lot of excitement for you.

Edit characters

An interesting feature of the game is to allow players to freely design characters when starting the experience with a variety of beautiful outfits with many different accessories. You will be creating an impressive character in your style. Choose from a variety of different outfits and combine with unique accessories to make your character more interesting. Besides, you can also edit and use many different faces for the character. Faces designed with different emotions will make you love the game more.

Cardboard Clash – Team Up and be the Last Winner

Fun competition

In each battle, you are randomly arranged with many other players and each battle will take 5 minutes. Cardboard Clash APK Mod is still carefully designed with waiting rooms for you to move and explore the surrounding space while waiting for other players. The maximum number of players in a match is 30 people. Therefore, you need to move quickly to collect equipment after parachuting off the plane. The map of the game is not very large, so you need to pay close attention when moving to avoid being defeated at the beginning of the survival mission.

cardboard clash 3

The survival mission will require players to collect many different types of equipment. Each equipment will have its characteristics to support you when fighting. Quickly collect items and defeat enemies that want to attack you. Discover a variety of unique weapons like cola guns, durian bombs or familiar frying pans. Lots of weapons with different attack abilities. You are allowed to use two weapons at the same time, create your own battle combos to take down the enemy and win.

cardboard clash 5

Are you ready?

If you have experienced many Battle Royale games and want to enjoy the many fun features of this genre, experience Cardboard Clash with friends to enjoy lots of fun battles. Many interesting pictures and unique battles are waiting for you ahead.