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  • Date Updated: December 22, 2018

Online games are always very much interested; it brings fascinating experiences along with fierce competition that makes players excited. The best thing about participating in online games is that you can play against many other players to challenge your intellect and abilities. If you love online games, then don’t miss Carrom Pool. This is an attractive online sports game and is based on billiards carambole. You will be competing with many players around the world to win and create impressive achievements.

carrom pool 1

How to play?

Carrom Pool APK Mod includes interesting matches, and you will compete for 1 vs 1 with other players. This is easy to understand the game but in order to win you will need a lot of time and smart calculations. You will compete on a square table with four holes. There will be many different marbles on the table, and they are divided into two colors, black and white. Depending on the random arrangement of the game, you will be tasked to put the black and white marbles into the four holes on the table.

carrom pool 2

With the random arrangement of the game, you will have to put the marbles down the hole to win. In a match, you are required to bring the white marbles into the hole, and your opponent is responsible for putting the marbles in black or vice versa. To win, you just need to put all the marbles in the hole with the color that the game requires. Note, do not put the marbles with the color the opponent owns down the hole. You will need wise calculations to bring the marbles down the hole and stop the opponent. Also, you will have to place a bet before each match, and the winner is the one who received the entire amount before.

Carrom Pool – Multiplayer disc pool game

Compete for competition

With online elements, you will compete and challenge many players in the world. You will compete with other players to enhance your experience and accumulate more bonuses. For new entrants, it is advisable to bet less. Because the higher the bet you will encounter tough opponents with more experience. You will be competing on two modes including Carrom Classic and Disc Pool. Each mode will have its highlights for you to experience and explore. Besides competing online with many people around the world, you can create a match and invite friends to join. Compete with your friends will make the experience more impressive and fun.

carrom pool 3

Final comment

Carrom Pool for iOS is a game suitable for those who love competition and challenge themselves. This is a simple and easy to understand the game. But to win, you need a wise strategy with sophisticated calculations. Without wise calculation, you will be defeated and lose the bonus. Simple image system with a friendly interface to help players enjoy and easily experience the game.