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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: November 20, 2018

Death Race by actor Jason Statham is an impressive film and leaves a lot of memories for everyone in 2008. The movie is a great racing match and very attractive. Movie content is not a normal game but a racing match with a lot of violence and dramatic action. All the racing cars in the movie are carefully equipped with a variety of guns and impressive rockets. From the impressive content of Death Race, Tetrox Limited producer has released a game with similar content but with many impressive changes. Cars of War is the most exciting racing action game, a thrilling and crazy experience you can not ignore.

Cars of War 1

Highlights of the game

Cars of War for iOS is an online racing game; you will be playing crazy games with many different players. You will experience many unforgettable emotions of an important battle, only one person is allowed to survive, all other players must be destroyed. The crazy battle awaits you in the game; the game is a great experience when combining two impressive elements is speed and action. Move at high speed and destroy your opponents with a variety of powerful and crazy weapons, winning for yourself and your teammates.

Cars of War 2


In Cars of War APK Mod, you will fight in groups, the main mode of the game is five vs. 5 and some other modes in the next upgrade version. The fast-paced game you will have to destroy your opponent with all your weapons, destroy your opponent and collect the crystal pieces in the game to win. Use the simple virtual key system in the game to engage in in-game combat. You will move the high speed with the virtual key on the left side of the screen and use powerful weapons with different virtual keys on the right side of the device screen. When fighting you just move closer to your target and the game’s control system will automatically lock your target, and your task is to touch the screen of the device to shoot and destroy the enemy. feudalism

Cars of War for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The game has a variety of vehicles to choose from, including Sharpshooter, Gunner, and Scout. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages, so when using it, you need to calculate and move sensibly to take advantage of the advantages and minimize the disadvantages of the car. In each battle, attack your foes with the mighty power to defeat them, throwing a variety of damage from guns, cannons, and rockets in your car. The game will give you various upgrades to help your car grow stronger, constantly upgrading your car to reach new heights in the game.

Cars of War 3

The best and most addictive racing game

With attractive gameplay and beautiful graphics of the game, you will never want to stop playing the game. Cars of War has very good image quality with smooth and sophisticated motion. In the game, there are many attractive visual effects to help the game become more prominent. Experience high-speed gaming and a variety of exciting action, powerful weapons and amazing speed are the hallmarks of the game. Experience the game with your friends and colleagues for great relaxing moments.