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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 63 MB
  • Date Updated: May 2, 2019

In the Middle Ages, the castle was the place to protect and shelter the lords before the attack of the enemy. To attack the castle, the attacking side needs to possess a powerful military force and good offensive weapons. In particular, the artillery or catapult is the most common attack tool. Do you want to use powerful cannon to destroy the castle and become the conqueror of the castle? Come to Castle Wreck produced by VOODOO to comfortably watch pictures of beautiful castles and destroy them. Participating in destructive tasks will bring good relaxation and stress relief to everyone.

castle wreck 2

Satisfy your wishes

Castle Wreck for iOS brings fun shooting missions to entertain people. You have the task of destroying different castles; the game will give you a cannon to perform the task. To destroy solid castles, you must observe and find weaknesses of the castle to attack. Attacks on weak points will help you quickly destroy the castle and take part in the next challenge.

castle wreck 3


Besides easy-to-understand content, the game also has an intuitive control system. To attack weak points on each castle, simply touch the screen to select the target. On the screen of the device will be shown an aiming device and it will move continuously horizontal or vertical. You need to touch the screen to lock the target, tap once to lock the target horizontally and touch the second time to lock the target vertically. Locking the target in both horizontal and vertical directions will help your shot more accurate. Note, the game will have a limited number of shots. Therefore, you need to reasonably calculate and lock the target correctly.

Castle Wreck – Feel the joy of destruction

The weak points in each castle will be marked with a block of TNT explosives; when you hit these explosives, the castle will collapse faster. Each castle will have many different marked weaknesses. The bigger the castle, the less number of weaknesses will be. Therefore, you should not rush and need to make accurate shots. With each shot accurate on the weak spot, you will destroy a large part of the castle, and you can quickly participate in the next mission. Note, the number of shots is limited. If you have used up all the shots and have not destroyed the castle, you will have to play again until the mission is completed.

castle wreck 4

Beautiful explosions

Castle Wreck uses a simple graphics system but creates a lot of fun with an exciting array of explosive images. The highlight of the game is a series of castles with many different sizes. The castles are designed in the beautiful medieval style of Europe. Each castle with its shape and size will create many exciting experiences for users. Also, the manufacturer prepares a wide landscape and attractive views so you can observe many beautiful explosions.