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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 77 MB
  • Date Updated: September 14, 2019

With medieval backgrounds and a variety of characters to collect, today’s strategy games always bring unexpected challenges for players. Referring to the attractive strategic challenges and getting much global attention, you can’t ignore Ceres M. Coming to the missions and diverse game modes of this game, you will enjoy an exciting adventure world. Monsters and dangerous dungeons are waiting for you to conquer. Besides, you are also allowed to collect and use many characters with different fighting powers. The most intense battlefields are waiting for you to explore. Get ready and defeat all enemies with your intelligence.

ceres m 2

Conquer all challenges

Ceres M for iOS was developed with two elements: RPG and strategy. When participating in the experience, you have the task of collecting many different characters to create a powerful army of your own. You will conquer many challenges of the game with the wise battle plans. Many battlefields and dangerous opponents have been prepared for you to explore. Besides, you can also participate in interesting PVP challenges to meet and make friends with many players around the world.

Ceres M(RPG) – Angel’s Fantasy for Android/iOS

Powerful magic

NeoulEntertainment Co., Ltd producer has built an interesting scene for people to explore. In the Middle Ages, magical powers and hellish monsters still exist. To protect humanity, many elite warriors have been summoned and participated in the battle to defeat the darkness. Hundreds of different heroes have appeared, and you must gather these heroes together to defeat the forces of darkness.

ceres m 3

More than 200 heroes to collect

Similar to other team fighting challenges. Players will have to overcome many different stages of the game, and each stage will allow you to collect different characters to use. Each character will have a unique system of skills and strengths for you to explore. Therefore, players will need more time to learn and capture the outstanding characteristics of the characters being used.

ceres m 4

Also, the character system is built according to the fighting styles (warriors, witches, archers, …) and various power elements (Dark, Fire, Light, Water, … ) With diverse power systems, players can freely build many different strategies for their characters. Besides, owning many characters with their fighting skills also helps players have many options to change the battle formation to suit different battlefields.

Attractive battle mode

Ceres M has many different battle modes, and you will be satisfied. First, you can explore campaign challenges to familiarize yourself with the game’s control system. Each match you join will be allowed to use up to five members. And below the screen of the device will be displayed the special fighting skills of each character.

ceres m 1

After getting used to the control system and having a stable battle group, you can explore many other game modes: PVP, Raid BOSS, Dungeon,… These unique game modes will allow you to fight alongside many other players and collect some rare items.