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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: March 3, 2019

Are you looking for a role-playing game and addictive combat? Do you have high requirements for image quality and game content? One more thing, do you require intense global competition factors? Let Chaos Fighters 3 provide you with an exciting experience with attractive gameplay and many interesting characters. With ACG element, the exciting combination of RPG & Round battle will create a series of impressive experiences for you. Compete globally with an exciting community system and make it easy to make friends with other players.

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More2Games publisher has prepared an interesting battle system for everyone with many different characters. Besides, the game is also built with a variety of interesting tasks in PVE and PVP modes. You will choose a character to fight and compete with many other players. RPG & Round battle element brings fun battles and requires players to have a wise strategy to experience. Build strong characters to win a lot of every match and get a good position in the rankings of the game.

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Interesting characters

In Chaos Fighters 3 for iOS, the player must choose one of six different character types to experience. Each character will be built with unique personalities, combat skills and attributes to use. Six types of game characters include Cute Colonel, Littel Magic Girl, Monk, Frost Wolf Chief, Shadowless and Arn Tempelriddaren. The characters are designed with many different characteristics, so there are many ways to build and develop characters. Choose the type of character that suits your requirements and preferences to experience. Discover the many interesting details of each character while experimenting and create ways to develop your character.

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Fierce competition

With intense battles and constant competition with many players, you need to have a wise strategy to experience. Start the game with basic tasks to familiarize yourself with the control system. The characters will automatically fight, so you don’t need to perform many complicated controls. Monitor characters and make reasonable corrections for them to fight better like equipping new weapons or upgrading items.

ChaosFighters3 – Ignite your Fighting Soul!

Complete each required task or join special events to help you get more rewards and experience points. In particular, experience points will help characters gain level and use many new combat skills. Each character will be equipped with up to 6 special combat skills. More than 40 exciting fighting skills are waiting for you to unlock and equip the character. The reward you get after completing the mission is gold coins and items. Pay attention to equip your character with good items and upgrade them regularly to enhance your fighting power.

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PVE mode

In PVE mode, you have to fight many monsters and have to perform many different tasks. This mode brings comfort to players when integrating offline features to help you experience it continuously. The missions and challenges of PVE help you get a lot of different rewards. Use these rewards to make your character more powerful.

PVP mode

This fascinating mode brings epic battles when you are fighting with many players around the world. This mode will help you test the fighting power of the character in the best way. You will be able to take part in exciting ranking battles with 3 vs 3 fighting mode. Experience with friends to have more fun when participating in ranking battles.

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Simple chat

One of the outstanding features of Chaos Fighters 3 APK Mod is a simple chat system; you can share many interesting stories with friends and team members even while fighting. Easily make friends with many other players and share many exciting battle videos. The game will be more interesting when you join your friends and share many fun stories through this simple and unique chat system.


With many interesting missions and events, Chaos Fighters 3 promises to create a lot of fun for everyone. The manufacturer encourages players to experience with their friends. If you are ready to explore the fascinating challenges of this game, please use the sharing link at the end of the article to experience.