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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 72 MB
  • Date Updated: September 4, 2019

To be able to quickly provide attractive games with diverse content for everyone. Many manufacturers now tend to design games based on famous movies. Building games based on the content of the famous film will bring a familiar and interesting plot system for everyone to explore.

charlie s angels the game 2

Among the famous films that have been released, Charlie’s Angels is a work that is well known and brings a lot of excitement to people. This film gives viewers a lot of interesting details and a series of fascinating missions for the characters to complete. Since then, Crazy Labs by TabTale producer has decided to release an interesting adventure game of the same name, and it is called Charlie’s Angels: The Game. Coming to the game, you will have the opportunity to participate in many unique missions around the globe and face many mysterious enemies.

charlie s angels the game 3

Facing many dangers

The world is now facing many different dangers from terrorist organizations or extremist individuals. Therefore, The Townsend Agency was established to prevent these dangers and protect the world. This is a global intelligence organization and gathers many beautiful and powerful female agents. Discover Charlie’s Angels: The Game for iOS, you have the opportunity to meet many different female agents and join them in many dangerous intelligence campaigns. With the adventure element, the game will bring many complex challenges for you to complete. Get ready to become a super spy and complete all the missions assigned.

Charlie’s Angels: The Game for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Smart control to complete the mission

To help players have fun experiences, the game has been designed with a simple control system. With one-touch operation, players can easily control the character and overcome the obstacles that appear on the way. In particular, the character will automatically move. Therefore, you need to touch the screen to jump into the air or use weapons to kill enemies.

charlie s angels the game 4

As you move, obstacles and enemies will appear continuously to prevent you from completing the challenge. Therefore, you need concentration and quick reflexes to overcome the various dangers. To overcome the obstacles, you need to touch to jump normally or tap twice in succession to jump higher. Also, enemies will appear unexpectedly along the way. Therefore, you need to quickly use weapons to destroy them. If you do not have quick and accurate reflexes, the enemies can easily defeat you and end your challenge.

charlie s angels the game 1

Many characters to collect

Besides participating in challenges and achieving outstanding achievements. Charlie’s Angels: The Game is also prepared with many beautiful and powerful characters for you to collect. Besides, each character will be prepared with a different costume system and will not make you bored. Each costume of the character will belong to a different fashion style. From there, help players feel excited and can participate in the experience continuously. To collect new characters, you need to accumulate a lot of bonuses. You can collect bonuses during participating in challenges or complete the tasks required to receive the corresponding rewards.