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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 10.0 or later
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  • File size: 291 MB
  • Date Updated: July 30, 2019

Chess Rush is a new Auto Chess challenge and released by Tencent. At present and in the future, Auto Chess is a popular game genre globally. The number of Auto Chess games is growing rapidly, and every manufacturer is trying to get their product. Therefore, Tencent did not stand outside this race and quickly released a new product of its own.

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New game

Chess Rush APK Mod has the same content as the current Auto Chess challenges. You have the opportunity to compete online with many different players in a match. By allowing multiple players to join at the same time, the matches will be very intense, and the player must have the calm to change the strategy if they want to defeat their opponents. Besides the strategic element, good luck is an important component to help you win.

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Summon characters and fight skillfully

In online matches, you need to have wise strategies for using the characters provided. With the map system built like a chessboard, you must arrange the characters in a reasonable way to create more pressure for the enemy. The layout and use of characters are very important. If you get clever arrangements, your characters can easily destroy the opponents present on the map. On the contrary, the lack of logic makes your army surrounded and quickly destroyed by enemies.

Chess Rush – Fast & Fair Auto Battler

Similar to the MOBA challenges, the Auto Chess challenges also allow characters to be equipped with a variety of other items. The item system, with its features, is also very diverse. And you must quickly find a way to equip the best items for your character. If you get good items, your characters will gain many advantages before the enemy and have a better chance of surviving on this crazy battlefield.

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Before participating in the battle, the game will provide a certain amount of time for people to choose characters and build a battle squad. Note, the time for you to organize your formation will be limited, and you need to quickly set up a rational battle squad to face the enemy. With each wave battle, the characters used can perform upgrades to enhance their power. To upgrade characters, you need to collect and use the same characters. The character will be upgraded to a maximum of 3 stars and a minimum of 1 star.

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Chess Rush has a nice 3D graphics system and will make the most demanding players satisfied. With 3D graphics, the characters will get realistic movement and the most spectacular battle. Each character will be built with different image characteristics, and each character will own its own combat skills effects. From there, you will enjoy the intense and beautiful battlefields.