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  • Date Updated: October 22, 2018

People love simple and easy to understand games. In particular, fast-paced games are of great interest. The above games are suitable for those who have a great deal of time spent entertaining, but nowadays many games require players to spend a lot of time with them. However, Voodoo is a manufacturer of simple games. This is a manufacturer with a lot of impressive products like Helix Jump, The Fish Master, Pick the Gold, etc. Circle Pool is a game released by Voodoo; this is a simple and highly entertaining game that is currently the most popular. Let’s take a look at the impressive and interesting things of the game through this article from me.

circle pool 2

The reason people love Voodoo

Voodoo is a popular and respected producer. The products they release are always of interest to everyone in the world. Games released by Voodoo producer often feature simple gameplay and content, the pace of the game fast. These games are often designed to be simple and easy to understand but still provide a fun and impressive experience for players. The fast pace of the game is a popular factor. The games of this manufacturer will not require the player to spend a lot of time playing the game. Therefore, the player can arrange the time to relax and work properly.

Circle Pool – A brand new type of pool!

Simple but fun game

Circle Pool for Android is a simple but very interesting game of Voodoo. Gameplay is very easy to understand, and the game’s virtual key system is easy to use. Therefore, players will not take much time to get used to the game. Circle Pool is similar to billiards, where players have the task of shooting their white billiards so that it collides with other billiards. After the balls collide, they will change color and explode. Join the attractive match; you need to adjust the direction and force to be reasonable to win the game.

circle pool 4

The game has many different levels for players to pass. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually after each level. At the initial levels, the balls are arranged very simply, and you will easily pass without much time. Balls will be arranged in complex ways at higher difficulty levels. Also, at harder levels, there are obstacles to prevent you from winning. Note, each level in the game has a limit of 5 hits. If you hit the ball more than five times without completing the game’s requirements, you will lose and must play again. Although the game has simple and easy to understand gameplay, but you also need to think and calculate properly when playing the game.


Similar to other products released by Voodoo. Circle Pool APK Mod has simple graphics and image quality is not too high. The layout of the game is designed simply and interacts well with the player. The color of the game is not so prominent, but you will still enjoy the game. Although the graphics of the game simple but consistent with gameplay.

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Final evaluation

You do not have much time to entertain. You want to participate in fast-paced games to save time. Circle Pool is the best choice for you. You can join the game anywhere and do not have to spend a lot of time playing the game. The balance between relaxation and work is a very good point of this game. Experience it now!