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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 72 MB
  • Date Updated: May 2, 2019

To help players get the most authentic experience, RPG challenges are always built by manufacturers with a beautiful and impressive image system. A good image system is one of the important factors that make RPG games more attractive. Currently, there are a lot of well-prepared RPG games in terms of image quality and CLANS: Destiny Love is the game that possesses the sharpest image system today. It is carefully designed by HiHO publisher with lots of vivid image details and a series of smooth movements that will delight you.

clans destiny love 2

Love and fierce battles

CLANS: Destiny Love for iOS will bring fascinating love stories with fierce battles between good and evil. The game will start with the love story of two characters, Duan Huiyin and Yan Shisi. They love each other in a chaotic setting and fierce competition among many different denominations. In the end, the affection between Duan Huiyin and Yan Shisi has been exploited by a bad person and caused them to break up. Before dying, Duan Huiyin stole the power of Divine Stone to create a better world and go back in time to save Yan Shisi. By revising the timeline, you will join other players to try to protect Duan Huiyin and Yan Shisi and defeat the evil forces.

clans destiny love 3

Beautiful characters and combat skills

Before starting the game, you will be able to participate in the selection of different character classes and three genders to experience. The three genders you will discover include: Male, Female, and Lolita. After choosing the gender for the character, you can also choose the hairstyle and face type according to your personal preference. And the character system will be prepared with four different character classes with four different types of weapons including bow, sword, umbrella, and gloves. With four different types of weapons, there will be a lot of unique fighting skills for you to enjoy and explore in each battle.

CLANS: Destiny Love for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Build character and collect mounts

After completing the character creation, the player will begin to engage in intense battles between many different factions. Each faction has its ideals and is ready to destroy other factions to protect their ideals. The game will give you many different quests and require you to fight many different opponents to survive. To survive, you must participate in constant fighting and character development. Complete the required tasks and participate in various events to receive valuable rewards. From there, help your character be stronger and ready to fight with many different enemies.

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In addition to fighting and developing characters, you also discover many types of mounts. The manufacturer will prepare individual tasks for you to collect mounts according to personal preferences. The more complex the task, the more beautiful mounts you can collect. With these beautiful mounts, you will easily be able to move to many other locations and save time traveling.

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If you want to experience RPG challenges with a great storyline and image quality, CLANS: Destiny Love is the best choice for you at present. Join now to explore unique worlds and lovely characters. Enjoy unique love stories in fierce fighting settings to find your love.