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In world history, the Roman empire is considered the cradle of European civilization. This is a powerful empire and has invaded many different lands in Europe. In addition to military fame, the Roman Empire is also known for intense battles between gladiators. Gladiators are those who are carefully trained to participate in crazy battles in the arena. Do you want to own your gladiator? What will you do to get powerful gladiators and win many impressive victories in the arena around the world? Come to Clash of Gladiator Heroes; you will discover the training of a gladiator and have the opportunity to enjoy intense battles in many different arena.

Clash of Gladiator Heroes 2


Clash of Gladiator Heroes for iOS is an interesting game; it is a harmonious combination of strategy and simulation. With the simulation element, you will discover challenges to build your base to train and create gladiators. To possess powerful gladiators, you need to train your combat skills and equip the best weapons for them. As for strategic factors, you have the opportunity to become a leader, a smart architect. You must build a good gladiator training facility to participate in various matches.

Clash of Gladiator Heroes 3

Wise strategy for the match

Before engaging in matches, you must possess gladiators. To do this, you need to build many different buildings with their functions. Buildings with many unique functions will help you create good gladiators and ensure their health. Owning new buildings needs to be reasonably calculated because you need to use a lot of resources to build them. You will have to hire many workers to work for you to exploit resources. Exploiting and accumulating a lot of resources will help you quickly build buildings. From there, you can focus on training tasks and be ready to use your gladiator.

Gladiator Heroes – Clans Clash – Best fighting & strategy game!

Matches will take place in many different arenas in the game. You will be faced with other players in these arenas. Coming to the arena, you are allowed to summon and use five gladiators. Your gladiators will have to battle the gladiators of other players. And the winner is the only survivor in the arena; you need to destroy all the enemies present in the arena.

Clash of Gladiator Heroes 4

Many powerful characters

One of the interesting features of the game is that the gladiator is built and designed based on many famous figures in history or fantasy worlds. With dozens of characters with different backgrounds, you will feel excited when you experience. To own the characters, you need to meet the requirements of the game. The more powerful and fierce the character is, the more complex the game demands.

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In addition to owning characters, you need to train your characters carefully and upgrade their weapons. Good training and powerful weapons will help you gain many advantages on the battlefield. Besides, each character has his special fighting skills. Activating these combat skills at reasonable times will help defeat enemies quickly.

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Vivid graphics

Clash of Gladiator Heroes will bring you vivid images and help you get a realistic look at the life of a gladiator. Also, you can explore many beautiful buildings with sophisticated and beautiful architecture in ancient Rome. The game has an impressive 3D graphics and promises to bring a sharp visual experience to everyone.