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  • Date Updated: May 22, 2019

Following the success of Clash of Kings (first version), Elex producer has released the next version of the global strategy game and it is called Clash of Kings 2. The new version of the game has been upgraded to content and brings many more compelling strategic elements. Also, it also upgraded the imaging system and brought many vivid images for you to explore. You will continue to compete with many players across the globe to confirm your leadership skills. From the experience of yourself, create a powerful kingdom of your own and conquer other opponents.

Clash of Kings 2 2

New version and many new things

In Clash of Kings 2 APK Mod, you will be taken to a new world. Here, you have the opportunity to discover a unique lifestyle; people and dragons will live together peacefully. Besides, dragons are also used to participate in the war. You have the opportunity to own powerful dragons and use them in epic battles. With the use of many types of dragons in battle, the battle of the game will be more interesting, and players will enjoy many attractive images. Are you ready to become a Dragon Knight?

Clash of Kings 2 3

Salient features

To conquer many lands and create a powerful kingdom, you need to overcome many different stages of the game. First, the game will have some basic instructions for you to familiarize yourself with the control system. You have to build different types of structures like warehouses, forges, houses, and many other structures to create a developed city. The construction of the city needs to be reasonably calculated to balance the ability to exploit and use resources. With real-time strategy elements, players need to accumulate and use resources wisely. If you use resources unreasonably, you will develop unstable and slower than other players. Slower development means weaker, and you will become targets for other players to invade.

Clash of Kings 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

With the appearance of legendary animals – Dragon, your development strategies will be closely related to the ability to own dragons. You grow well, you have the opportunity to own many powerful dragons, and they will protect your city. There are many different types of dragons for you to collect and use. Overcoming each different stage of the game, you have the opportunity to discover a new type of dragon. Take care and upgrade constantly for the dragon you own. Reasonable upgrades will help your dragons be strong and get good fighting stats.

Clash of Kings 2 4

In addition to possessing large and powerful dragons, you also need to pay attention to developing the army. According to different stages, you will discover and use many different soldiers. Build barracks and upgrade them to use different types of soldiers. Having a good and diverse military force will help players create many different combat plans. Obtain reasonable battle plans and use the military wisely; all enemies will have to kneel before you.

Clash of Kings 2 1

Beautiful graphics

Clash of Kings 2 possesses an excellent image quality and beautiful 3D graphics. The game possesses large maps, allowing you to freely build and move to many different locations. With many different types of building structures, you get lots of interesting images. The imaging system is built with many attractive and sharp details that will bring comfort to the players. With beautiful and stable images, you will be satisfied with the battles that will take place in the game.