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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: August 1, 2018

When it comes to battles at sea, we are thinking of big ships, and they have strong firepower. Battleships always bring fear to the enemy and destroy them quickly. Many people have the dream of becoming a good captain, and they want to control the mighty fleets to engage in fierce battles in the ocean. Clash Of Warship from 5Star-Games will be a way for players to realize their dreams. You will be engaged in very large naval battles in this game; you will use all your abilities to destroy the enemy and gain the glory. Can you be a good commander?

clash of warship 2

Sea battles

Step into the game; you will become a talented leader. You will be the supreme commander of the navy, the sailors waiting for your orders to join the battle. Initially, players will be involved in the game’s tutorial mode. You will participate in a training battle and be guided by how to control your warships. After completing the tutorial mode, you can lead your troops to engage in fierce battles all over the world.

clash of warship 3

The battles in this game will take place in turn; you will have to try to destroy all enemy warships to be able to win the game. Also, you can choose different types of warships for your squad, each type of warships will have a special ability that players need to understand. You will use the most appropriate tactics to defeat the enemy and win the battle.

Clash Of Warship for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Upgrade your warship

After winning the battle, players will receive a lot of bonuses and items. You can get more bonuses as you gain the highest rating coming from the game as three stars. With the money you receive, you can use the money to upgrade your warships. The game will give players a lot of different options for them to choose from. Each upgrade option will bring new strength to your warship, and you will have a mighty army to defeat any enemy. Also, players can search for new technology modules, which will allow you to create new weapons with much greater power to equip your warships.

clash of warship 4

Beautiful graphics

Clash Of Warship APK Mod has a beautiful 2D graphic design. This is a strategic game, and developers have created a good graphics system for players to enjoy the best gaming experience. The wars in the game are meticulously designed, the fire effects in the game are very majestic.

clash of warship 1


If you are looking for a game to satisfy your passion for sea battles then Clash Of Warship will be a good choice. The game will bring you huge sea battles. Sure, you will be attracted by this game at first sight. Experience this fascinating game right now!