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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 86 MB
  • Date Updated: November 30, 2018

To cater to the entertainment needs of people, many games with a variety of content are released for everyone to experience. Many games with strategic content are also released regularly. These game genres are constantly changing to attract people, more features, maps of the game wider. Clash of Wonders is a brand new strategy game. The game was released by NetEase Games manufacturer, a very famous online game maker in the world.

clash of wonders 1

The first picture

Clash of Wonders for iOS is a tactical game with good image quality. Also, the game also has a huge interface with many different features to help people experience the game. The game is built with many nice and sophisticated details, all the details in the game are prepared very carefully. The architecture of the game is well-diversified so that people can enjoy beautiful fictional works and make the game experience more enjoyable. The game also provides people with very realistic combat views. You can watch the past battles that you have experienced.

clash of wonders 2

Extend territory

As a game with a strategic element, the main content of the game is equivalent to many other games such as expanding your owned territory, joining the war for more resources. You will have the task of building and leading a powerful kingdom; you will have to maintain the development of the kingdom by your ability and wisdom. Develop your kingdom with the task of accumulating resources and engaging in manufacturing to create wealth. You will need a lot of different resources to develop, so you should have reasonable calculations before building or using resources on any job.

clash of wonders 3

Remember a good king is a person who chooses peace but also must prepare for war, the war will always knock on your house, so be ready for the fierce battle in front. For military development, you need to expand your territory to get more land and resources. At the beginning of the game, you will be offered some simple character and army to participate in the game. If you want the military to be stronger you will have to collect many different characters in the game; each character will own separate powers. Each type of soldier will also have its advantages for you to use, collect and arrange rational troops, so you always have the chance to win against enemies.

Clash of Wonders for Android/iOS – Gameplay

New feature

In Clash of Wonders APK Mod, you will discover the appeal of the game with The Sea feature. This is a very attractive feature of the game that many games with similar content are not available. With strategic elements, you will have to expand territory and invade many different lands in the game. But with The Sea feature, you will be joining many exciting sailing, as your country has developed you can navigate by sea to reach other rich lands. Seaway is a frequent route used by well-known conquerors worldwide. Build a powerful kingdom and explore the fertile land with the game’s exciting The Sea feature.

clash of wonders 4

You are ready to experience the game

If you are familiar with games that have strategic content before, the experience of Clash of Wonders is simple even for first-time people to experience the game with strategic content. Various control systems and many attractive features of the game will give you plenty of time to relax. Games are a great way to entertain in everyday life.