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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • File size: 99 MB
  • Date Updated: July 8, 2019

Clean Road – A fun cleanup challenge for you to relax after hard work. Winter in the European countries is an intense time when the air is cold, and the street is always covered with a thick layer of snow. Especially on Christmas holidays, the roads are difficult to move with continuous snowfall and create many difficulties in driving. With the streets covered by a thick layer of snow and making people unable to move, street cleaners are now considered everyone’s saviors. You will become a snow plow driver and help people overcome many challenges on the street. This is a gentle and pleasant game for you to enjoy when you have free time.

clean road 2

Simple graphics

Besides interesting content, Clean Road APK Download possesses nice and pleasant 3D graphics. You will take part in challenging different maps with beautiful neighborhoods and a variety of unique obstacles. The scenery in the game is beautifully designed with many colors and realistic details such as houses, cars and many other details. This imaging system is suitable for the light and fun challenges of the game; it also brings comfort and lots of interesting entertainment images.

clean road 3

Besides cleaning up the thick snow layers in the winter, you can also take part in cleaning the roads during other holidays such as Halloween and many other festivals. After each festival, the street will be very dirty and need a cleaner. Therefore, you will have many challenges and attractive images to experience continuously.

clean road 1

Fun driving

With the task of clearing the streets and rescuing trapped cars, you will drive with an easy-to-understand control system. You need to swipe your hand to the left or right of the device’s screen to drive. Swipe left when you want to clean the left lane and vice versa. Controlling the game is very simple and does not take much time to get used to. You can freely participate in the challenge even if you have to move always.

Clean Road – Clean the road!


The manufacturer will prepare challenges to clean up the street at different levels. To complete each level, you must rescue the number of cars the game requires. On both sides of the road, there will be many vehicles stuck and unable to move because of a thick layer of snow. You must drive and clean up the snow piles along the way and open up new paths for the trapped cars. Each successful rescue vehicle will help you get bonus points and gold coins.

clean road 4

In addition to saving trapped cars, you must create safe paths for them because on the way there are many different obstacles appear. The obstacles are arranged in many different positions on the street and require you to reflex nimble to avoid these obstacles and complete the task. The obstacles you must overcome include trash, dead cars, sleighs, traffic lights and more. Note, there are some obstacles that you can destroy on the road and some obstacles you cannot destroy. So, take a good look at the way to avoid the dangers and create many great achievements for yourself.