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  • Date Updated: October 12, 2018

You are a fan of stickman games. Also, you love the sniper. If that’s your wish, then you should not miss an impressive and popular game from Eldring producer called Clear Vision 4. This is the latest installment of Clear Vision series. The game requires the player to be over 17, everyone should consider before joining.

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The familiar character of Clear Vision series is Taylor. Taylor has returned to the work of a hitman; you have the responsibility to help him complete the tasks required by the game. The game has a lot of different tasks depending on the level you achieve in the game. The game takes you to the real world of a hitman from questing to observing, calculating and eliminating enemies.

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Perform mission

When you join the game, you will be instructed how to use the weapon properly. This is not a simple game. The game requires skillful computing and action. You will be instructed how to measure the distance from your location to the location of the target to use your weapon properly. Also, you must calculate the wind direction is reasonable to not affect the task.

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Each mission, you will receive requests to kill different people. You need to calculate and solve the situation in a logical way to accomplish the task. You need to choose the right time to defeat the target. If you miss the chance to defeat the target, they will find you and run away. Then your mission will fail. Games have different levels and missions for you to experience. After completing each mission, you will receive bonus and experience points. The experience will be used to upgrade your level and help you unlock new guns. Bonuses will be used to upgrade your equipment such as Stock, Frame, Scope, Mag. After your equipment is upgraded properly, your mission will be completed quickly. Note, to help you own better equipment in Rifle Shop you need to reach the required level of the game and accumulate for yourself a reasonable amount of money.

Clear Vision 4 – Free Sniper Game

The tasks assigned to you in the game have their requirements. These tasks simply require you to eliminate the target as quickly as possible. But there are also more difficult tasks. For example, you need to find a way to kill an enemy, but it must be like an accident rather than a murder. Or in a mission, you need to kill many people at the same time to conceal your real goal.

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Clear Vision 4 APK Mod is a beautiful and impressive graphics game. Manufacturers have prepared for the game what the best they have. Pictures in the game are beautifully designed. The details of the character are clear, and the movement is smooth. The colors and layout of the game are streamlined. Helps players do not feel bored playing the game. In particular, this is a game with content 17+, so the blood in the game is completely red.

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Personal feeling

If you’ve seen the movie Hitman – 2007 and want to experience the work of a real hitman, then Clear Vision 4 is an interesting choice for you. The game is designed to impress the players. The game experience will give you a sense of excitement and addiction. Currently, games are available on Google Play and App Store. You will enjoy playing this game.