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  • Date Updated: September 13, 2019

Controlling and managing a football club is a job that requires good thinking and agility. Do you want to discover the job of managing a football club? Are you ready to participate in the famous simulation challenge series of Go Play Games Ltd? Club Soccer Director is an outstanding simulation game with many different versions each year. Participating in this simulation challenge, you will discover many true management tasks and understand the working way of a professional team.

club soccer director 2019 1

Following the version of Club Soccer Director 2019, Go Play Games Ltd manufacturer has prepared a new version for 2020. Come to Club Soccer Director 2020; you will enjoy many new features of This simulation game. The team management tasks will be more complex and require you to have smart management plans to develop your club.

Club Soccer Director 2019 – Football Club Manager

Familiar but not boring task

After each version is released, players will be involved in more authentic management tasks. With Club Soccer Director 2020 for iOS, you will continue to manage a club and have to complete many different leagues to develop your team. However, this version will be prepared with more complex matches. Your competitors are hard to beat, and you need a lot of clever strategies to help the team grow steadily. In addition to club management tasks, the manufacturer also allows players to participate in RPG challenges by controlling the players who play directly on the stadium.

club soccer director 2019 2

Control and develop the club

With the task of management, you are allowed to choose any one club from dozens of different clubs in the game. After selecting your favorite club, you will start your management tasks from the simple to complex. Your club will have to participate in various tournaments or friendly matches to gain experience for the players. In addition, you also need to understand the ability of each player to give you a suitable strategy and training plan.

club soccer director 2019 3

If the current players do not meet the strategies you have developed, you can enter the transfer market to collect new players. In the process of managing clubs, many support notices or news will appear to help you manage the club in a better way. Based on the notices provided, make many wise decisions to grow the club.

club soccer director 2019 4

In addition to building a strong squad, Club Soccer Director 2020 also requires clever calculations in the club’s financial use. The task of financial control will not be simple because your club needs a lot of money to maintain its operation. In particular, the more famous the club is, the more money it needs to operate. Besides, you also have to accumulate a large amount of money to be able to build a stadium for your club. Complicated and stressful management challenges are waiting for you to complete. Get ready for many difficult tasks and show your smart leadership.