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In the market today there are many driving simulation games like Trucks, Offroad racing cars … These games bring players the most authentic and exciting experience. However, bus driving simulators are not very popular with the manufacturers and there are very few buses driving simulators on the market today that can meet the growing demands of the players. Today, we will introduce you to a bus driving simulator called Coach Bus Simulator. The game was released by producer Ovidiu Pop. Producer Ovidiu Pop is quite famous in the world with a lot of driving simulation games in different styles like Train Driver 2018, Taxi Sim 2016, Truck Simulator USA … These games have been successful very big. Coach Bus Simulator APK promises to deliver the most realistic driving experience for the player.

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Lived out my dream!

In the game, you will become a bus driver. Initially, you will be selecting your bus in the brothel. There are many different cars to choose from but there are also cars that you do not own. Choose the car you like best to participate in the journey in the game. You will control your car to move to the designated locations on the map of the game to catch the guests or take them to where they need to. Your bus will have to make a very long journey and go through many different designated locations. Your journey will be endless until you’ve got tired.

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Coach Bus Simulator for Android/iOS – Gameplay

After completing your turn, the player will receive the bonus coming from the game corresponding to the guests you have served on your itinerary. The more customers you serve, the more money you will receive. There are many cars in your garage that you do not already own, you can use the money to buy new cars or upgrade your car. With new cars with more unique designs and powerful performance, you will have a much more enjoyable driving experience in the next turn.

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Real photos

Coach Bus Simulator Mod Money possesses extremely beautiful 3D graphics design. Players will be impressed to see the graphic design of this game. The picture quality of the game is very high and makes every detail shown on the screen come alive. In addition, the motion effects of the car are simulated in the same way as in real life to provide the most realistic driving experience for the player. The sound is also simulated by the manufacturer to enhance the driving experience for the player.

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Download Coach Bus Simulator

It can be said that Coach Bus Simulator is a driving simulator game that is very good quality and impresses the player with the real graphic design. In addition, players are empowered to drive their car with the exact physics simulation system that the manufacturer delivers. This is a top driving simulator game that you should experience.