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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 10.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 45 MB
  • Date Updated: March 29, 2019

A coin is one of the most important currencies used by people daily, have you ever seen a coin fall and move? Do you want to experience the challenge of controlling fun coins and overcoming many interesting obstacles? Coin Rush! will give you attractive control missions and a series of obstacles to overcome. This simple and engaging game is produced by Crazy Labs by TabTale, it is now available on App Store and Googleplay.

coin rush 2

Simple and fun coin control

To participate in the challenges of Coin Rush! for iOS, You get an intuitive control system. With this intuitive system, you can easily overcome obstacles that appear on your way. Touch the screen and swipe left or right to choose the direction of movement for your coin. During control, you have to swipe gently. If you swipe left or right too strong, your coin will go astray and fall out of the way.

coin rush 3

Many pitfalls are waiting for you

With the mission to overcome obstacles and pitfalls, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many crazy obstacles. Obstacles will appear one after another on the roads you pass. These obstacles only appear when you move close to their position. So you need to pay attention to the road. If you do not pay attention, you are easily stopped by these obstacles and the mission will fail. Overcoming obstacles is not too complicated but to control the game well, you need to possess a quick reflex.

Coin Rush! – Sharp Turns, Swerves & Curves

Besides the unique obstacles such as giant hammers, wheel rotation, and many other pitfalls, you also face many complicated paths. The roads are designed with many different turns or ramps. So, you have to control skillfully to avoid obstacles and move along the designated road sections. In particular, when moving to ramps, you need to have scientific control operations. Since leaving the ramps, your coin will have to move at high speed. Without precise control, your coin will collide with obstacles.

coin rush 5

Interesting colors and levels

In Coin Rush! APK Mod, Your quests are prepared according to individual levels with the arrangement of many different obstacles. The higher the level, the longer your path will be, and more obstacles will appear. To complete the level, you need to move to the position at the end of the map of the game. If you do not complete the current level, you will not be able to participate in later levels.

coin rush 4

Each level will be designed with a unique color. Also, every obstacle or pitfall is also prepared with a different color. The use of different colors on each obstacle is to fool your eyesight. Focus on observing the path and avoiding obstacles.

coin rush 1

You will love this game

Coin Rush! With compelling gameplay will make you satisfied with many funny pictures. You can relieve stress quickly when experiencing this game.