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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 16 MB
  • Date Updated: September 21, 2019

For intellectual challenges, players will be required to have good thinking skills and reasonable control manoeuvres. If you are in need of a unique intellectual challenge, Color Saw 3D is an interesting and suitable name for you to relax in your free time. With these simple controls, you will have to complete the tasks of the game quickly. Besides, the manufacturer also builds a diverse level system for you to experience continuously.

color smash saw 3d 2

Successful game maker

Good Job Games is a prominent name in the mobile game market, and the manufacturer has brought many interesting challenges to entertainment. After being released, Color Saw 3D for iOS has received many positive reviews from users and get many downloads from online applications. Also, the content of this game is relatively easy to understand, and it is suitable for many different ages. To complete the required challenges, players will have to carefully observe the map and have precise control.

Color Saw 3D – True ASMR Experience

Cut, cut and cut

You have the task of collecting many items with different shapes required by each level. Items will be individually designed and assembled with extra parts. And you have to use a saw to remove the extra details. You will then collect items with the same shape as the request. Each level will prepare you with many details and different types of saw for you to perform the task.

color smash saw 3d 3

The saw types will be fixed at different locations on the game map. Therefore, your task is to control the details provided and move them to the saw position to eliminate unnecessary details. In the process of eliminating redundant details, you need precise control operations so as not to spoil the parts to collect. If the pieces you need to collect are destroyed by the saw, the challenge will fail, and you must try again. The details to collect will have many different shapes. Therefore, you must have a smart mind to use the provided saws and gather the same details as the given request.

color smash saw 3d 4

Similar to other easy-to-understand content challenges, this game is also designed with many different levels. And each level will bring its intellectual challenges to conquer. The diverse level system will require players to think constantly to be able to complete the challenge. From there, players will not get bored and can relieve stress easily. Also, the details to collect will vary with each level. At high levels, the details to collect will have more complex shapes and need more precise control manipulations to complete the challenge.

color smash saw 3d 1


With an interesting gameplay system and no need to take a lot of time to get acquainted, Color Saw 3D allows players to relax anywhere. Besides, it is also a suitable option for you to relax with friends or relatives. Currently, this game has a support version for devices using the iOS operating system.