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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 65 MB
  • Date Updated: October 3, 2018

In recent years, Battle Royale is a type of game that is of interest to many players around the world. Many publishers also offer products similar to PUBG Mobile of Bluehole, Fortnite of Epic Games, Islands of Nyne from Define Human Studios, etc. Also, Guangzhou Yuechuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. manufacturer also launched their Battle Royale game on the mobile platform is The game will give you an impressive experience in the survival battle of Battle Royale game.

conflict io battle royale battleground 1

Introduce APK Mod will take people to an island, on that island you must fight to become the last survivor. The game has fierce battles when you have to eliminate all enemies to win. The game has time limits, so the pace of the game is very fast, you have to quickly eliminate enemies before time runs out or you will lose.

conflict io battle royale battleground 2


The game has similar gameplay to other Battle Royale games. To win, you must be the last survivor. The game is built with a simple and easy-to-understand motion system. All in-game moves are used by the virtual key system. In there, the left virtual key will be used to move your character including back, forward, left, right. The right virtual key is used to fight as a shooter and reload. for Android/iOS – Gameplay for Android has two modes of play: Solo and Team. In solo mode, you will have the opportunity to face 35 players from all over the world. In team mode, you can invite friends to join or collaborate with people in the game. After a fixed amount of time, the game minimizes its area on the map called play zone. If you stand outside play zone you will die or you do not allow enemies to access play one, you will have an advantage over enemies. Arrange the time carefully so that you will move to play zone. Observe your maps to get the best moves in the game.

conflict io battle royale battleground 3

Unique graphics is developed on an impressive 2D graphics. Good image quality suitable for mobile devices with a simple configuration. Manufacturers have constantly been updating to upgrade the graphics for the game.

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This is a game that you can not ignore if you have no experience playing Battle Royale Game on your PC. The game also allows you to connect with people with similar interests around the world. The game is available on mobile shops, download and experiences the survival battle on the uninhabited island.