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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • File size: 81 MB
  • Date Updated: August 31, 2018

Recently, famous Devsisters Corporation developer has officially released their new game called Cookie Wars. This game will bring you the most engaging battles; you will show your tactical ability to defeat the evil forces. This is the sequel to the game series about cakes, which has whole new gameplay. Sure, you are feeling curious about this game. Check out the article below!

cookie wars 2

The fight is fun

The cookie is a world filled with color; the cakes live together very happy. One day, the evil forces are trying to break the peace of this world. They have created a great war to bring the world to chaos. You will lead the Cookie army, engage in fierce battles to protect the peace of the world. In the game, players will have to participate in many different battles to rescue the world. The battles in this game are very tactical; you will have to choose their soldiers to defeat the enemy. The battles in this game will have no rules; you will have to destroy all enemies to win. In battle, different soldiers are displayed as cards. You will use these cards to summon different types of soldiers and attack enemies. However, you must have the energy to summon your troops. You can increase your energy level by either attacking enemies or using support items. If you have more energy, then you will have more soldiers.

cookie wars 3

Collect new soldiers and PvP mode

The battle will end when one of the two factions is destroyed. You will receive a reward and random troop cards when winning. You can use the gold to buy support items in the game’s store; the support items will give you a bigger advantage over your opponent. New character cards will help you unlock new soldiers or upgrade your soldiers. You will have a stronger army when defeating enemies. Also, the PvP mode of the game is also of interest to many players. You can participate in PvP battles to compete with other players and show yourself as a good leader.

Cookie Wars – The battle of Cookies begins!


Cookie Wars APK Mod is designed with very sharp 2D graphics. The characters in the game are designed uniquely, you can easily recognize the enemy soldiers and create the appropriate tactics. The design of the characters is also very cute; you will feel much more fun when looking at the characters in the game. The sound of the soldiers in the battle is also described as fun, the battle in the game will help players feel more comfortable.

cookie wars 1

You can download the game here.

If you are looking for a fun strategy game, Cookie Wars will be a great choice. The game has very simple gameplay and interesting battles, you will find a lot of interesting experiences when participating in this game. Can you save the world Cookie and become a good leader?