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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 38 MB
  • Date Updated: August 12, 2019

On Googleplay, 111% is a famous producer with many unique games with many attractive image styles for players to enjoy. Each of their games has its unique image system from classic image styles to high quality and modern images.

corez 4

Referring to this manufacturer, we cannot ignore some of their outstanding names such as Royal Blade or Tower Breaker – Hack & Slash. In addition to the two prominent names above, people cannot ignore COREz. This is an exciting shooting game with attractive and beautiful classic picture styles. Join the battle missions of this game; you will be comfortable building many different weapons systems to fight the enemies.

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COREz APK Mod has simple and understandable content. You have the task of building many different defense systems to protect the Earth against the invasion of many different alien forces. Your battles will take place outside the vast universe, and you must control well the weapons provided to defeat the enemy. Space battles take place at a fast pace, and you need a lot of agile control actions to be able to complete the challenge in a short time.

COREz for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Combine and create a variety of impressive weapons

For the mission to protect the Earth against alien invaders. You need to use weapons with great damage to destroy your enemies. Each destroyed enemy gives you a huge bonus. And you will have to use these funds to upgrade your weapons system.

The game’s weapon upgrade system is very diverse, and it allows you to integrate many different types of weapons to create a powerful weapon system. From there, you can quickly destroy the enemy’s planet and stop the invasion on Earth. In addition to upgrading weapons, you can also upgrade several different defense systems to reduce damage from enemies. With many interesting upgrades and changes, the game allows you to be creative to survive in the fierce battles ahead.

corez 2

Dangerous enemies and special skills

With the mission to fight in outer space and build different weapons systems. The manufacturer will prepare many crazy challenges for you to complete. You will face many different enemies, and they will attack you constantly to destroy the Earth. Therefore, you must quickly activate your weapon system and defeat the enemy. The fastest way to destroy an enemy is to attack their planet core. To attack the planet core, you need to attack continuously at a certain point.

Attacking a certain target will help you shorten the duration of the mission. However, attacking a fixed target is not easy because the enemy can quickly change the attack angle. Therefore, you must select the attack angle scientifically and perform many accurate shots to destroy the enemy.

corez 3

To defeat many dangerous enemies in COREz, the manufacturer also prepared many special weapons systems for players to use. These special weapons allow the player to create more damage to the enemy and you are allowed to use up to 4 special skills in a match. Note, these skills take time to recover, and they are displayed in the middle of the device’s screen to help you easily observe and capture the time to use.