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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 93 MB
  • Date Updated: February 18, 2019

Cosmos Quest – The challenge of building a unique civilization of your own. Discover the journey to create many different civilizations. Travel through space and time, go to parallel universes to fight and conquer other civilizations. This game has beautiful image quality and compelling gameplay, Kongregate producer will surprise you with an impressive range of challenges ahead. Do you download the game on Googleplay or you can also use the sharing link at the end of the article.

cosmos quest 1

Are you a god?

You will start building a civilization after discovering a mystical stone. With the mysterious power of that magic stone, you will quickly develop a new world. Also, you also have the opportunity to explore many different universes to conquer.

cosmos quest 2

Creating a civilization is an attractive challenge and requires you to have a reasonable strategy. You will start in the early era of mankind. Overcome various challenges to develop and build a strong civilization. Many quests and constant competition with other players will bring you much fun.

Create a new world your way

In Cosmos Quest for iOS, you will start with basic tasks in the early era of mankind. Build a complete society with many different social components. Build many buildings and upgrade continuously to grow. Help your society grow with many different sources of knowledge. Summon heroes to use and explore many other parallel universes. Join the fight to get experience points and rewards needed to develop your civilization. Players need to collect many different items to use and develop. Many attractive features of the game are waiting for you to experience ahead.

Cosmos Quest for Android/iOS – Gameplay

With the task of fighting, you have to deal with many different civilizations. Join the battlefield continuously to improve combat skills and accumulate more experience points to upgrade characters. Construction and social development must be carried out by a scientific strategy. This will help you grow well and possess many unique technologies to fight with other civilizations. Many different characters will be summoned by you after fulfilling the game’s requirements. Create a powerful character lineup, upgrade the power to fight and conquer new civilizations. Discover exciting battles when you are fighting with familiar or new civilizations in many different universes.

cosmos quest 3

Beautiful graphics

Cosmos Quest APK Mod has beautiful 2D graphics with the classic style that will make you love it from the first experience. The unique fighting skills effect of each character will make you satisfied. The space of the game is beautifully designed when coordinated by many vivid details. Smooth movement and diverse environments of the game bring a lot of excitement to everyone.

cosmos quest 5


Cosmos Quest brings fun challenges and is not too complicated for you to join. The challenge of building and developing a civilization is an interesting experience that you should not ignore. Many missions and intense competition with many other players will not make you feel bored.