• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: May 14, 2019

Craft Legend – A unique role-playing game of IGG.COM in the sandbox style. When you experience the game, you will be involved in a global server and have the opportunity to meet many players around the world. Besides, you and everyone will be able to explore elaborate missions and epic PVP or PVE battles. Join and enjoy the fun adventures right on your device. A series of combat, survival, and construction challenges are waiting for you to discover. Join immediately with friends to not miss much fun.

Craft Legend 2


In Craft Legend for iOS, players have the opportunity to explore vast forests with a variety of resources. With beautiful forests and diverse resources, you can easily create unique homes in your style. Building houses will help you develop your creativity. Explore the forests and collect rare materials to create unique tools and decorate them for your home. In particular, a large house with many decorative objects makes it easy to make friends with many other players.

Craft Legend 3


The game is prepared with two combat modes PVP and PVE. With two different game modes, players will have many options to entertain and balance with their working time. In PVP, you and other players will be taken to attractive battle maps. Here, you will get intense survival battles to find the winner. PVP battles will help you build your character development plan and create beautiful fighting styles.

Craft Legend for Android/iOS – Gameplay

If you are not ready for PVP yet, you can join PVE mode with your friends to train and find reasonable character upgrade options. Coming to PVE, you and other players must join a battle group. With this battle group, you must perform dangerous missions in dungeons. Team battles in dungeons will require team members to support and coordinate well with each other. Monsters and BOSS in PVE mode are powerful and possess many dangerous attack skills. If the members do not support each other well, your team will be destroyed quickly and not receive advanced rewards.

Craft Legend 4

Impressive costumes

In addition to crazy battles on many different maps and unique building challenges, you can also participate in collecting beautiful costumes for the characters. Each character of the game is prepared with their costumes with different styles. There are many ways for you to collect clothing, from shopping in stores to participating in events to receive rewards. Find and use the best costumes for your character.

Craft Legend 1


With an attractive sandbox style and horizontal screen motion, Craft Legend will bring more unique image details to you. The beautiful costumes for the characters and the large houses will bring you pleasant, relaxing pictures. In particular, each character with their unique fighting skills will bring you many outstanding fighting effects. Also, the game is also designed with a real-time and weather system.