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  • Date Updated: September 2, 2019

Voodoo is no longer a strange name to people. They are a globally renowned mobile game manufacturer along with an impressive range of products. The games of this manufacturer usually have relatively simple content and help people easily relax anywhere. Recently, they released a new game and it is called Crazy Kick!. With unique gameplay and interesting content, this game will bring an attractive football match for you to relax. Because it is designed based on the most attractive sport on the planet, you will certainly be satisfied and have a lot of fun.

Crazy Kick 4

New style

Instead of bringing the classic soccer match, Crazy Kick! APK Mod will give people simple and fun matches. When experiencing, you have the task of skillfully controlling the balls that the game offers to overcome many different opponents and score many high points. Challenges will be prepared for each level and each level will bring you a separate map system to explore. With the use of different types of maps, players will not get bored and will have many exciting emotions to experience continuously.

Crazy Kick! – Dribble, shoot and score!


To control the ball and shoot into the opponent’s net, you must hold your finger and move continuously on the screen. In each match, you need to have agile reflexes to move the ball to the required position and overcome the opponents on the map. In particular, the opponents have been prepared by sophisticated ball blocking techniques to prevent you from completing the challenge. Therefore, you must combine your ability to observe and agile reflexes to avoid the obstructions of the opponents.

Crazy Kick 1

Besides dangerous opponents, on the map are also prepared many different obstacles. A variety of obstacles of different sizes have been prepared to prevent you from completing the task. To avoid obstacles and dangerous opponents, players need to have a smart movement plan. Having a reasonable movement plan will help you quickly overcome obstacles. On the contrary, you do not have a reasonable movement plan and slow reflexes. Your ball will be easily destroyed by your opponents and you must play again.

As mentioned above, the challenges of the game have been built on different levels. And each level will be prepared with its map system and obstacles to challenge your reflexes. Along with the diverse number of levels, many different types of maps will allow you to enjoy many beautiful landscapes. Your matches can take place on terraces, beaches, parks, and many other interesting places.

Crazy Kick 2


Crazy Kick! With an attractive imaging system and many unique obstacles. Players will have a pleasant and relaxing moments. With a simple factor, this game currently owns millions of downloads from online applications. Besides, it is also designed to suit a variety of devices and operating systems. From there, help people can easily set up and experience quickly.