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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: November 26, 2018

Criminal Minds is a popular US television drama, a series of mysterious murders involving some interesting events. The film has achieved a lot of impressive success. With the appeal of the movie, FTX Games LTD producer produced a game with similar content and names. This is a puzzle game; you will help the agents in the game deal with important cases.

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Entering the game, you will learn a variety of ways to commit subtle offenses; you will become an investigator of FBI and investigate mysterious cases. You will be traveling with BAU team including Reid, JJ, Garcia, Lewis, Alvez, Prentiss, Simmons and Rossi agents to investigate the world’s most dangerous killers in Criminal Minds APK Mod. The game is a series of carefully arranged puzzles to help you find out the criminals. All the details in the game are built on the principles of real physics; the game is also where you develop your knowledge. Game experience will be an attractive option with powerful and addictive stories that will take place in the game.

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Criminal thinking game

Similar to the content of the US drama, you and BAU team are responsible for stopping the dangerous criminal named UnSub. A series of murders will take place in the game; each case will be a task assigned to you. From the information and clues involved in the case, you will find the real criminals. Note the game is built on many real principles so you can be fooled in the game. Think and calculate accurately to find the offender quickly and finish the case perfectly.

Criminal Minds The Mobile Game – Join the BAU, catch the killer

You will experience a series of short films taking place in the game; these short films will help the quests of the game to be connected and more attractive. You just touch or hold the screen of your device to experience the in-game tasks. You will be taken to various locations to investigate, touch the characters in the game and move to the target location to examine the crime scene. Collect information and send laboratory specimens for testing in the game. Thinking and incorporating elements around the case to give the key evidence in the game.

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Criminal Minds for iOS¬†possesses excellent 3D graphics to make the game more authentic, and the stunning visual quality of the game is something you will love in the game. All the details in the game are subtle, and you’ll be amazed at the many impressive details of the game such as blood samples, hair color, torn clothing, and many other details. The interface of the game is designed scientifically for players to have the perfect experience.

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Final evaluation

You love riddles and want to challenge your thinking then you should experience Criminal Minds right away. The game is a series of beautiful action and logical thinking; the game requires good perseverance and wisdom. There is no stopping point for your intelligence, experience the game and discover many of the secrets of your brilliant intelligence.