• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 86 MB
  • Date Updated: May 4, 2018

Critical Strikers Online FPS is a very addictive classic-style shooting game. The game was released by WANG YUN FENG on the Android operating system. Unfortunately, the game has yet to be officially distributed on the iOS operating system, players of the operating system will have to wait a little longer to experience. This is also the first product of the publisher WANG YUN FENG from China. So, the game promises to create the fever in the market coming.

critical strikers online fps 1

If you are a fan of shooting games then surely you can not miss this game. Previously, there were many successful FPS shooters in the mobile gaming market. However, Critical Strikers Online FPS Mod Ammo is a new game and has a lot of interesting features that we need to explore. The article below will review the details of this new game.

critical strikers online fps 2

Traditional gameplay

Just like the FPS games are on the market, coming to the Critical Strikers Online FPS Mod Speed you will be playing a special role with the capabilities of a professional gunman. Starting the game, you and other players around the world will become a team and fight against another team. Matches will be played at halftime and at the end of any team the team will win.

critical strikers online fps 3

Maybe in the first match, you may not be familiar with how to move and how to shoot in the game. However, after getting used to the game, the move will be very easy. Also, if you have played other FPS games, then it is very easy to get used to this game.

Critical Strikers Online FPS for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Not only that, at the start of the game you will be donated 2000 cents, and you can use that money to upgrade the gun. Also, after each game, you will be given a lot of money, use that money to upgrade weapons and buy new weapons in the store system of the game. The game also offers a lot of different characters; you can choose your favourite characters to participate in the battle.

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Note: Critical Strikers Online FPS for iOS is an online game on mobile devices. So you will need Internet connections like Wifi, 4G and 3G to join the game. Of course, Wi-Fi connectivity will always be your priority and give you the best experience. In some cases, the 4g and 3G connections will be very difficult to access the game and can be annoying during the experience.

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Graphic design

Critical Strikers Online FPS for Android has a very beautiful and authentic graphic design. Character images, maps, and explosions are all very detailed and lively. Certainly, with such graphics, the game will bring exciting experiences to the player.

You can quickly download games for the Android operating system under the path below. Hopefully, soon the publisher will soon launch on the iOS operating system for everyone to experience. Have fun playing the game!