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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
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  • Date Updated: February 16, 2019

Are you interested in multi-player challenges? Are you ready to compete online with people to win? To relax and have lots of fun experiences, join Critter Clash to explore the fun battles of many different animals inside the vast forests. Inside the vast forests is a unique battle of many different animals. You will build an army of your own with a variety of animals and compete online globally to get many good scores. Lumi Studios producer encourages you to experience with friends so you can enjoy more lovely and fun images.

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Fun challenge

Critter Clash for iOS is a challenge for many players with impressive battles in many different forests. The animals will fight with each other to compete for the right to rule the forests. You have to collect many different animals to create an impressive and attractive army. Own a variety of animals such as lions, monkeys, pandas, and many other animals. The challenges of the game are fun and gentle, confront many players in the world and defeat them to win.

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With a fascinating battle challenge in many beautiful forests, you must collect many different animals to participate in the experience. Each animal will have its weapons to use. In particular, you can participate in upgrades to improve the fighting ability of each animal. At the beginning of the experience, the game will guide some basic operations for you and everyone. The basic instructions also help you capture some of the power of different animals.

Critter Clash for Android/iOS – Gameplay

You are arranged to fight with many players after completing the basic instructions. You start with simple animals like monkeys. Touch the screen to adjust the range and determine the target. Animals are hung on different plants; your task is to make them fall to the ground. You will fight in turn, the duration of each shot will be limited to 10 seconds. In each match, you need to identify the target and quickly defeat the enemy after many different shots.

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Collect many animals and upgrade them to participate in many interesting events of the week. Get many high-value rewards in the game’s exciting events. Challenge many other players or friends in interesting matches. The manufacturer also prepares many supporting items for you to use when fighting. Note, some of the in-app items will be sold for real money, so be aware when making transactions.

The cute picture

Critter Clash APK Mod has nice 3D graphics and easy-to-see colorful colors that create a lot of exciting experiences for everyone. Space is beautifully designed with an impressive environment inside different forests. The animals are designed with many beautiful details and create an interesting nature picture right on your device. The impressive fighting skills effect of many animals helps you enjoy many interesting images.

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Critter Clash is suitable for relaxing with friends or family. Gameplay is fun and easy to understand so you can easily experience in many different locations. Note, the device needs to be connected to the internet so you can compete online with other players.