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Are you an ordinary person and have a dream of becoming a celebrity? To become a celebrity, the best way is to attract the attention of many people. However, it will be difficult for you to become a celebrity in real life. So, we will bring you an exciting game called Crowd City. This is a new product from Voodoo manufacturer, which has been launched recently and it has attracted a lot of attention from many players around the globe. It will satisfy all your needs when you want to be a celebrity, explore this game now!

crowd city 3

Attract the attention of others

Crowd City for Android is a very simple game; you will control your character and make the journey on the crowded streets. Your character is likely to attract the attention of other characters on the street. Take control of your character moving flexibly in the street to attract the attention of many people. However, this is not easy because you have to compete with other players around the globe. You will have to compete with eight other players for a limited time of two minutes. What you need to do is collect as many characters to grow your army. Each player will have a corresponding color; you will easily recognize the other players on the map based on their color. The white characters will be your target; you can attract their attention to make your crowd bigger.

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The game will not have bloody scenes like other games; this gives players endless fun. You can steal characters from your opponent to make your crowd bigger. However, if they have a larger crowd than you, they can swallow you up, and all will end immediately. In this game, you will have to consider between collecting new characters and attacking other players. To become a winner, you will have to have the biggest crowd before the time limit ends. Express yourself as the most famous of the fierce competition of this game.

Make a bigger achievement

After each match, you will receive the reward of the game corresponding to your rank in the match. The reward of the game is shown by the stars; you can use these stars to create your advantage over the opponent. These stars will give you a bigger number of characters that you have at the start of the game, so try to collect as many stars as possible by winning a lot. With this feature, you can create bigger achievements in the game.

Crowd City – The real crowd experience!

Simple graphics and fun

Voodoo always creates simple games, and their games are entertaining and addictive. Crowd City APK Mod owns a very simple 2D graphic design; people will easily experience this game easily because the game is suitable for a lot of devices. The game is a picture of a vibrant city with large buildings. These buildings are simply designed, but it also gives players a feeling of excitement when they are in a large city. Besides, the number of people in this city is huge; you will attract the attention of others to become the most famous. The characters in the game are described as simple and fun; this is a highlight of the game to create more fun for the player.

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A perfect recreation game

If you are feeling bored, Crowd City will be your perfect choice. With the special things this game brings, it will help you relieve stress quickly. This game will bring you endless fun; you can experience it with your friends for a whole new experience. Currently, the game is available on App Store, users of Android device should wait a short time to Voodoo released the official version for Android device. Also, you can also experience this game more quickly through our links.