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  • Platforms: Android 4.3 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 92 MB
  • Date Updated: June 10, 2019

With today’s diverse entertainment needs, RPG games are always changing and bringing a unique experience to everyone. In addition to complex RPG challenges, RPG games with simple control systems are the new trend of the mobile gaming market. These idle RPGs bring a lot of fun without requiring you to perform many manipulations. Among the current idle RPGs, Crush Them All is the most interesting name and has many downloads from Google play.

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Crush Them All APK Mod has an easy-to-understand gameplay system, and you can comfortably relax anytime quickly. The game will not require you to perform many manipulations. Many components of the game are completely automated, and you will not take much time to master it. You are tasked to collect heroes and conquer different lands. The lands you need to conquer will have a lot of monsters. You need to defeat all the monsters on the way to complete the mission and get many attractive rewards.

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Intuitive interface

If you’ve ever explored a previous idle RPG, you’ll be happy with this game. It owns an intuitive interface system with many different folders for you to explore. Each prepared folder will provide players with the necessary information and support when relaxing. You just need to touch these folders to activate the required features.

Crush Them All – Idle RPG – Ultimate Heroes Battle RPG

Besides the beautiful interface, the manufacturer also prepares dozens of different heroes for you to use. Each character will have their own stories and costumes to enjoy. The characters will be successfully collected after you complete the game’s requirements. Besides, each character will possess different special fighting skills, and you can easily activate them when needed.

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With RPG element, you will need to collect and use many different items for your characters. Possessing many characters, you must collect many unique items to fully equip the characters. The number of items you can use is varied, and they will bring many benefits to users. Equipping items for a character is an important task, and you need to make a reasonable calculation. If the character is using good items, it will help you easily conquer many dangerous lands. Conversely, equipping bad items will reduce the fighting ability of the characters. You will not be able to discover many areas and fun battles of the game.

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Exciting fighting with friends

To help players get a great time, Godzilab Inc producer has prepared online Raid BOSS mode. With this mode, you will have to choose your strongest hero to join the fight with other players. This mode requires people to create a new battle group from the characters they own. In addition to joining a random group with other players, you can create your group and invite friends to join Raid BOSS online.