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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 6.0 or later
  • Price: $1.99
  • File size: 141 MB
  • Date Updated: January 28, 2019

Cut the Rope is a very popular entertainment game, released by ZeptoLab. The first version of this game has reached over 100 million downloads and installations on Google Play. This is a tremendous figure for a casual gaming experience. To continue the success, ZeptoLab developer has launched the next version of this game called Cut the Rope 2 APK. This new version has also created a new rush in the game market. Play for mobile and achieve a lot of great success. With unique features that have been significantly enhanced, players will experience a lot more fun when participating in this game. Let’s learn about the highlights of this game in the article below.

cut the rope 2 2


When you join the game, you will have to do the work for your character enjoying the sweet candy by solving the complex puzzle. Compared with the previous version, Cut the Rope 2 Mod Unlimited Hints will give players a lot of different difficulty levels, so players have more opportunities to train their brains. Developers also do not change the gameplay of this game so that players can quickly get acquainted with the game. You will use your fingers to cut different ropes to make items move or bring candy to the frog’s position.

cut the rope 2 3

However, each level of difficulty will have a different terrain design and completely new. Players will have to solve puzzles much harder when they reach higher difficulty levels. Also, you also need to use sweet candy to collect stars that appear at random locations on the map, to receive the highest rating from the game when completing the difficulty level. You will receive more bonus points when completing the difficulty level with the shortest time and gain the highest rating coming from the game.

Cut the Rope 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

A big change in this version is that the player will have five new characters. You can use the stars that you collect when you go through different difficulty levels to unlock new characters. The game has many other features waiting for players to explore.

cut the rope 2 4

Familiar graphics

Cut the Rope 2 Mod Energy has a very fun animated 2D graphic design. The graphical design of the game has been improved and more beautiful than the previous version. Players will be joining the world with many different colours in each difficulty level. The frog is also designed to be fun to make the player feel more fun. The sound of the game does not change too much compared to the previous version, but players still have a lot of fun listening to the fun sounds in this game.

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If you are looking for an entertaining and thought-provoking game, Cut the Rope 2 will be a great choice for you. To say that this is a worthwhile upgrade and bring more exciting and unique experience to the players with a series of new levels of difficulty and functionality. The game is available on Google Play and App Store. You can also use our link to experience this game most easily.