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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 6.0 or later
  • Price: $1.99
  • File size: 49 MB
  • Date Updated: July 3, 2018

Cut the Rope FULL FREE is a very well-known thinking skill game released by ZeptoLab on both Android and iOS operating systems. Soon after being officially released worldwide, this game has achieved a lot of success and received many positive reviews from the players. This game brings countless puzzles to players and forces them to solve these puzzles perfectly. With unique gameplay and beautiful graphics, the game offers the most entertaining moments for the player.

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Unique gameplay

When you join the game, you’ll do the wire cut job to get your Om Nom monster to eat the sweet candy. The game is quite simple and highly addictive. Players will use their fingers to perform swiping gestures on the device’s screen to cut the rope hanging sweet candy in the air. You will have to think carefully to cut the string and not cause the candy to fall and fail. The game is divided into many different difficulty levels; players will have to overcome many difficult challenges ascending based on the level of difficulty they are facing.

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Each level of difficulty will have a separate terrain design; players will have to think more to be able to overcome the difficulty level. Each level of difficulty will have many different ways to overcome; you can use any way you like and pass the difficulty level. However, you need to collect the stars displayed on the device’s screen with sweet candy. Each of these stars will correspond to the rating level that comes from the game when you complete the difficulty level. You will get the highest rating as three stars come from the game and this proves you to be a good player.

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You can own new characters

After completing the difficult level, you will receive the same star rating coming from the game. You can use these stars to unlock new characters. You will feel more excited when you are doing the job of bringing candy to your new characters to eat in the next difficulty level.

Cut the Rope for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Fun graphics

Cut the Rope FULL FREE Mod Coins has a graphic design not too prominent compared to the previous version. The game is still designed with 3D graphics in a fun cartoon style; players will always feel happy to see their characters eat sweet candy in a delicious way. The sound in the game is fun to play and gives the player a more enjoyable experience.

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If you are looking for a game to entertain after hours of stressful work, Cut the Rope FULL FREE Mod Money will be a game that you should try. With fun graphics designs and various difficulty levels, you’ll get a lot of fun and comfort in solving complex puzzle games. Download the game now and train your brain now!