You love Battle Royale style battles on the mobile platform. The best option for you is the product from NetEase Games manufacturer. After the success of Survivor Royale or Rules of Survival, NetEase Games continues to prove its creative and impressive development when launching a new Rattle Royale product. In Cyber ​​Hunter, you will enjoy a better and sharper image system. Besides, your battles will be more interesting when you use a variety of crazy weapons of the future.

cyber hunter 2


Cyber ​​Hunter for iOS offers unique challenges and is completely different from the classic Battle Royale style battles. Weapons system and equipment of characters built in the future world. Where people develop strongly with advanced scientific and technical systems, with future weapons and many new items, your battles will be fierce. And the opportunity to win against many different opponents is very small. Therefore, you need to focus well and get quick reflexes to destroy the enemies.

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Character design

Compared to games with the same content, Cyber ​​Hunter APK Mod provides a more sophisticated and beautiful character design system for you to explore. The characters are built with beautiful 3D graphics and realistic movement. You will be allowed to edit many different details while designing characters from hair to face and many other changes. Also, the costume system for the characters is very diverse and unique. With unique and beautiful outfits, you will love this game.

Cyber Hunter – Open-World Battle Royale Game

Control and operation system

To engage in combat and use weapons, the manufacturer will provide a series of virtual keys with its own functions. Virtual key system on RPG games of mobile platforms will certainly be familiar to everyone. On the left side of the screen is a joystick that helps you move the character. And on the left side of the screen will contain various virtual keys to help you use weapons, jump, climb and many other effects.

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In general, the control system does not require you to spend a lot of time getting used to it. After a few matches, you will feel more familiar and simple to control. In combat, the coordination and use of virtual keys in a scientific way will bring many advantages to you before the enemy. To be able to use and coordinate virtual keys quickly, you also need a lot of time to experience and practice.


Coming to fierce battlefields and facing many players in the world, you will have two modes of play to participate in as a group or individual competition. For group competition mode, you can participate in duo and squad fights. Team fighting requires players to support the other members well. In particular, you must move with the group to increase your chances of survival. If you move alone, you will be quickly destroyed by other groups. In contrast, individual mode requires players to have good individual skills to defeat the remaining players.

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The battle map of the game is very wide, and there are many different areas for you to move. Each area will have its terrain, and you must pay attention to observe around to avoid unexpected attacks. While fighting, there are many different items to assist you like optical camouflage or quantum shield and many other attractive items. Use items and weapons reasonably to protect yourself and quickly destroy other enemies.

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Cyber ​​Hunter will bring completely new and addictive Battle Royale challenges. With lots of attractive images and a variety of unique weapons, the battles ahead will be fierce. Join now with your friends to relax and create fun for everyone.