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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 135 MB
  • Date Updated: July 26, 2019

With classic visual style and attractive 2D graphics, Dan the Man: Action Platformer is exciting role-playing and fighting game that people should explore when they have free time. With a classic image system and a compelling adventure story, this game has received many good reviews from many users and has earned millions of downloads. It is now available on Googleplay, and the latest update version was released on July 26, 2019.

dan the man action platformer 2

Fight gently but happily

Dan the Man: Action Platformer APK Mod is built with a simple plot system but brings many unexpected challenges. During the experience, you will discover many different warriors like Barry Steakfries or Josie. Each character will have different exciting stories and tasks for you to perform. You will face many dangerous BOSS; you need to overcome many pitfalls and different enemies to survive.

dan the man action platformer 3

When fighting enemies, you are taken to various maps. At each map, you need to overcome the pitfalls that are arranged at many different locations. The number of enemies on each map will be different, and they will gradually increase in different stages. To be able to complete the mission and defeat the enemies, you must get fast and reasonable moves. The manufacturer has prepared an intuitive control system and multiple virtual keys for everyone to use. The simple built-in interface helps you quickly get to know and control your character well.

dan the man action platformer 4

Collect rewards and weapons

With intense combat missions, you will face many enemies, and they will be equipped with many assistive devices to defeat you. In addition to using common combat skills, the game also prepares many attractive weapons systems for you to collect and use. These weapons will be hidden in various objects on the way (wooden barrels, secret boxes…) To collect weapons, you only need to destroy these objects. You can use darts or machine guns to kill enemies. Note, these weapons will have a limited number of uses. If you encounter simple opponents, using weapons will be very wasteful. Therefore, you need to use them appropriately in many different cases.

Dan The Man – Classic Arcade Platformer

Besides weapons are hidden in many objects on the way. These items also hide recovery items and bonuses for you to collect. With recovered items, you can ensure the HP needed for the character to survive and continue to fight evil enemies. As for bonuses, you will use them to buy and use many beautiful costumes for your character. These costumes can be purchased from the game store, and the number of costumes varies. From there, you can comfortably decorate your character and enjoy many attractive battle pictures.

dan the man action platformer 1


Dan the Man: Action Platformer is designed with classic Pixel graphics. With this gentle and attractive design, players can enjoy continuously without feeling eye strain. Besides, the characters of the game are designed very lovely. The maps are also prepared with lots of interesting landscapes and combat environments for you to explore.