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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: April 13, 2019

The strange and vast worlds of games always attract the attention of many players. Let Dark Domain help you enjoy the unique and exciting experience above. This is an attractive MMORPG game with Western-style graphics system that will make you love it. The game was released by EYOUGAME (USS) and please use the sharing link at the end of the article to explore the game.

Dark Domain1

Character classes

As an MMORPG game, you will discover four different character classes. Each character class is designed with the unique costumes of each race in the game. The four classes of characters you discover include gunners, gladiators, witches, and assassins. Also, each character class will own its combat skills system. In it, gunners and witches possess long-range attack skills and create a lot of damage to opponents. In contrast, assassins and gladiators possess melee skills and need a lot of time or continuous attack to destroy the enemy.

Equipment of the character

One of the factors that help many MMORPG games are of interest is the item system and many powerful types of equipment for the characters. Like other MMORPG challenges, you need to collect and equip a variety of different items for the characters in the game. Equipping items for characters is very important, and you also need a good plan to be able to collect many rare items. The more powerful items are, the more advantages you will have in battle. Equipping weak and inappropriate items will make it difficult for you to fight the enemy.

Dark Domain3

Fight with many strong opponents.

When you experience, you will have to fight in many unique missions along with many players across the globe. To complete the required quests, you can fight in the form of individual or group battles. Fighting alone will require you to have plenty of time to experience and persevere to accomplish the task. As for team fights, you won’t need to spend much time completing quests and can quickly defeat the enemy.

Also, Dark Domain APK Mod is also prepared with an interesting social and communication system, thereby helping people in the game to make friends and chat quickly. With a unique social system, you can participate in guilds and participate in battles according to the guild in each event. Fighting with other players in the guild will bring crazy and more exciting battles. Besides, the rewards of the guild battle mode are varied and highly valuable. You can create your guild with friends or join existing guilds.

Dark Domain4

You can get married in this game!

Besides an interesting communication system, the manufacturer prepares a unique marriage system that allows you to make luxurious and romantic weddings with other characters. With a unique marriage system, you can join the experience with your lover. If you’re still single, you can still make virtual marriages with other players. Virtual marriage also helps you get many different benefits in the game.

Dark Domain


Dark Domain possesses a sharp image system and excellent 3D graphics. The system of characters and costumes of the game is built with many unique and impressive details. With a fascinating fantasy world, you have the opportunity to explore many interesting landscapes and buildings. Besides, special combat effects will give you lots of interesting colors and enjoy the excitement in epic battles. In general, the game’s image system is very well designed and offers a compelling visual experience like on the PC platform.