• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 99 MB
  • Date Updated: February 16, 2019

If you are a fan of many 3D role-playing games, you should not miss the products of NEXON Company. They are very successful in the mobile game market when they have released more than 190 games in many different countries. Recently, they released a new game with Japanese style very impressive. It’s called DarkAvenger X; you have the opportunity to experience many high-quality images and smooth motion. Join many fierce fighting activities and compete with many players in the world to achieve a high position in the rankings of the game.

DarkAvenger X 2

Fight freely

DarkAvenger X for iOS provides people with many unique battles. You can move to many different lands and discover many fascinating stories when experiencing. Each story is a challenge and a task to experience, overcome many interesting challenges and help you have lots of fun. Join the battle on many different battlefields, defeat monsters in many simple or complex missions. Compete online with many people in the world with 2 forms 1 vs 1 or 3 vs 3.

DarkAvenger X 3

Four unique character classes

Like many other 3D role-playing games, this product is prepared with four impressive character classes for you to explore. You can experience character classes: Wizard, Archer, Warrior, Berserker. Character classes have their strengths and are beautifully designed with various details. In particular, character classes Warrior and Berserker were built with a female option. The Wizard and Archer character class were built with a male option. Depending on your interests and needs, you are free to choose characters to experience.

DarkAvenger X for Android/iOS – Gameplay

These four character classes are built with different battle systems and powers to create many exciting experiences for everyone. Each character has its highlights to explore. Experience and discover the unique powers designed inside each character. Capture the character classes clearly before experimenting with power parameters to make reasonable choices.

DarkAvenger X 4

Many tasks

With immersive elements, the game is built with a variety of levels and missions. Low levels, quests, and rewards will be simple. Conversely, the higher the level, the bigger the quest and the reward. You will control the character with a virtual key system with beautiful and stable designs. Each character is designed with many different fighting skills, making it easy to combine combat skills comfortably — complete many missions of the game to receive rewards and experience points.

DarkAvenger X 6

Unlock and use new combat skills at each different level. Combine and make good use of combat skills to create many beautiful skill combos. Besides personal combat activities, you also experience group events. Participate in Raid BOSS mode or Party Dungeon with friends and people to defeat the enemy and create many outstanding achievements.


DarkAvenger X makes you and everyone happy. A game released by NEXON Company will promise to bring players many interesting things. Good image quality, attractive 3D graphics and beautiful fighting skills effect with diverse colors are the most prominent points of this game.