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  • Date Updated: June 10, 2019

If you are a fan of Battle Royale genre, NetEase Games is familiar to you. They are a famous producer with many exciting games on the mobile platform. Not only do they have a lot of success with Battle Royale genre, but they also have many games with diverse content that will make you satisfied and experienced continuously.

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NetEase Games RPG games are also very diverse and can mention some famous names like King Of Hunters or Twilight Pioneers. In recent times, they have also produced a new RPG challenge and named it Dawn of Isles. Unlike the classic RPG, this new game has a more attractive gameplay system. Also, it also possesses some new features that many RPG challenges currently do not have.

High quality and sharp graphics

Dawn of Isles for iOS is an MMORPG with a high-quality image system that will bring you many fun discoveries. Come to this MMORPG; you will discover a lively world with a wide range of forests and beautiful architectural features. It has sharp 3D graphics along with impressive visual styles of different tribes. The characters are sophisticatedly designed with lots of details and attractive costumes. This game possesses a bright color system and is the right choice for your entertainment when you have free time.

Dawn of Isles

More information

Currently, Dawn of Isles APK Mod owns a unique server and makes it easy to relax with friends. When you start exploring, you have to create characters, and the manufacturer has prepared four different character classes. The character classes you discover include Warmage, Dance, Warrior, and Ranger. Each character class has its stats and skills to use. In it, Ranger is the character type that has the highest difficulty (4 stars). Warmage and Warrior have difficulty averaging three stars. Dance is the simplest and easiest to use character type (2.5 stars).

Dawn of Isles – A Fun-tastic Fantasy Adventure

After selecting your favorite character class and creating a successful character, you will be given basic instructions to familiarize yourself with the content and tasks during this beautiful island discovery. First, you get acquainted with survival tasks by making basic mechanical devices like an axe. You use these basic tools to collect resources on the island and build a house of your own. Besides survival missions, you also have to fight many different monsters. Each mission will ask you to fight different monsters and give you many attractive rewards.

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As an MMORPG game, you will enjoy a variety of character fighting skills and unique online battles. You need to develop your character by participating in many different events or tasks. From there, you can collect many high-quality items to upgrade characters.

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Not only bring great battles, but players are also allowed to own their pets. You are allowed to nurture and take care of different pets. Besides the battles and the task of upgrading characters, taking care of pets, and getting many benefits from them is also a new experience to relax. Take care of and nurture your beautiful pets, learn their mysterious potential to make the game more attractive.