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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
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  • Date Updated: August 16, 2019

Referring to the zombie-related challenges, people will feel excited and ready for the dangerous adventure journey ahead. Understanding this, many manufacturers have designed and developed unique survival challenges related to zombies. In the post-apocalyptic context and the world invaded by dangerous zombies, people will get many fascinating missions to explore. With Dawn of Zombies, you and everyone will enjoy the most intense survival challenges ever. Survival mission is a familiar topic. But to survive in these harsh environments. Players must have the courage and good thinking to survive.

Dawn of Zombies 2

Harsh tasks

In the post-apocalyptic context, you will have to try to survive the deprived conditions (food, clothes, water…) To survive, you must move continuously through many different locations to Perform missions and collect items that are on the way. Compared to other games, Dawn of Zombies for iOS will be prepared with more dangerous challenges. Not only face zombies, but you also have to face evil organizations and dangerous gangs. Besides, the zombies in this game are very dangerous with reflexes and fast movement speed. Therefore, they can easily attack you unexpectedly and kill you quickly.

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

What does a survivor need to do?

In the face of dangers from the post-apocalyptic context, you can only trust yourself to survive. Survival missions will not be simple, survival items are very rare, and you must collect many different materials to build these tools successfully. In addition to collecting and crafting items, you can also trade goods with several different characters in the game. In general, you must have wise survival plans and avoid the dangers of zombies or other evil organizations to survive.

Dawn of Zombies 3

Besides finding items, the game also allows you to build a safe base for yourself. Here, you can live a comfortable life according to your own needs. However, building a strong base will take a long time to complete. Therefore, you need to focus on and complete the required tasks quickly. Completing the mission will help you collect attractive rewards. From these rewards, you can build and expand based on personal preferences.

Dawn of Zombies 4

Character control system

With the content MMO, Dawn of Zombies is built with a diverse character control system to help players feel the authenticity when experienced. The virtual keys of the game are arranged scientifically right on the device’s screen. From there, players can easily relax anywhere. Besides, the game’s interface also received good reviews when bringing comfort to users.