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  • Date Updated: May 15, 2019

The Cold War was the fiercest battle of the 20th century. Humans are at risk of living with radioactive substances in a nuclear war. With the content of the nuclear war in the Soviet Union, tltGames producer has released an impressive survival game called Day R Premium. Bad habitat, lack of water, the food you will have to go to dangerous places to survive. Experience the feeling of fear and loneliness in the 70s and 80s of the 20th century in this game.

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Way to survive

After nuclear disaster, living conditions are very difficult, and you have to find ways to survive. You can not eat or drink anything you find, you need the right tactics and thinking to survive in bad conditions. Based on the tools and items you find, you need to create weapons to protect yourself, water filters to provide clean water. Seek the seeds and build the farm to supply the food for yourself. In some upgraded versions of the game, look for blacksmiths to build accurate weapons, using fewer resources to explore buildings.

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In the game, you will experience the authentic map of the Soviet Union with more than 2,500 cities and towns. Use tools that have been developed to hunt animals for meat. Be careful not to hunt dangerous animals. Explore the buildings in the city to find the materials, medicines, and materials needed to make and upgrade weapons. To survive better, you need to set up allies or exchange items with everyone you meet along the way. Access multiple maps and mark all the places you went through to avoid confusion and waste time finding items or tools.

Day R Premium – Survive a Post Apocalypse

Impressive graphics

Day R Premium APK Mod has unique 2D graphics and dark colors; you will experience the feeling of real survival. The layout and information in the game are streamlined and easy to use. The items Character, Quest, Shop, Inventory, Location, and Design help you to catch the game more simply. The sound of the game is very scary and cold. You will have a sense of fear and loneliness when playing the game alone. The image quality of the game will be automatically matched to your device after each update.

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Feel the violence, fear, disease, loneliness you will experience all these feelings on Day R Premium. This is a tactical game that requires players to have a calm, sensible move and good psychology because the sound of the game is very scary. Challenge your survival instinct when playing this game, join with friends for more motivation to survive.